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Bridesmaids & Wedding Guest Jewelry Ideas: How To Accessorize for a Wedding

Bridesmaids & Wedding Guest Jewelry Ideas: How To Accessorize for a Wedding

So you've decided on your outfit, you're confident that the shoes you've chosen allow you to dance the night away and look glam and maybe you've even decided on the particular hairstyle you'll be attempting on the day! That in itself is a major achievement and my hat is tipped to you for reaching this part of getting ready for a wedding! But we're finally here, the finishing touches to your bridal party or wedding guest look: the jewelry. A simple addition of sparkle or a timeless hint of gold to complete your look. Whether your looking to gift your bridesmaid a memorable and finishing touch to their outfit or simply wanting to make a casual outfit more wedding formal, we've got something for you! 

Our Enchanted Collection was created to offer you a wonderful selection of minimal and dainty pieces that were designed to compliment any kind of neckline, occasion and hairstyle. Casual or formal, timeless or modern, we'll be sure to find something to suit you desires and needs for any special day. 

Classic Bridesmaids Dresses

Classic Bridesmaids

 Ahh yes, the classic bridesmaid dress. A simple yet formal look that compliments the colour theme and bride herself. For the classic spaghetti strap or off the shoulder bridesmaid dress we recommend going with a dainty necklace that sits comfortably below the collar bone to add just a hint of golden glamour to the entire look. Remonia (L) goes for our timeless Hien Dainty Teardrop Necklace layered with our Firenze Pendant Necklace. On the right, she keep is classic with our beloved Cleopatra Milgrain Necklace for a subtle dash of sparkle. Remonia finishes both looks with our Emerald Pearl Dangle Earrings.

Playful Florals & Square Necklines

When it comes to a square neckline dress the world is your oyster! You can really go all out and layer on multiple necklaces to compliment the necklace and add a hint of formality to an everyday floral dress. Eloise goes for the timeless addition of pearls to her look and styles our Pearl Baby Necklace, Trung Pearl Bezel Necklace and Iris Pendant Necklace with a pair of our Aphrodite Baroque Double Pearl Earrings to finish the look with a statement.

Statement Outfits & Up-do Hairstyles 

Statement Outfits

For the times when you want to let the outfit do the talking, go for a minimal jewelry look that doesn't deter from your stunning and standout fit! Go for a subtle dash of gold and keep it classy with our (L) Hien Dainty Teardrop Necklace & Firenze Pendant Necklace or (R) Cleopatra Milgrain Necklace & Hien Teardrop Necklace. Remonia styles these statement looks with our Kusama Constellation Hoops, the perfect complimentary earrings for any minimal up-do's. 

Summery Pastels & V Necklines

Minimal Pastels

Make your summer pastel dress wedding or events ready by adding on a delicate pendant necklace for a hint of classic gold. Eloise styles our Bloom Birth Flower Pendant Necklace with the Cleopatra Milgrain Necklace for a very wearable minimal necklace stack. She adds some bling with our stunning Catherine Oval Ring, Nightingale Solitaire Ring and Petite Gemstone Ring and finishes the look with her Esme Pearl Bracelet and Liliuokalani Pearl Bracelet. 

Big Puffy Sleeves & High Necklines

For outfits and dresses that have a high and detailed neckline its often desirable to keep the necklaces to a minimum and go to town with your rings and earrings! Remonia wears our minimal Cleopatra Milgrain Necklace and styles her stunning puffy sleeve dress with our Gia Chunky Bracelet and our Roma III Signet Ring, Patricia Heirloom Ring and Petite Gemstone Ring. She finishes the look with our Bella Twist Huggie Hoops + Milano Charms.

Bright Florals & Deep V Necklines 

Yellow Florals

Perfect for those hot summer weddings where the sun is out and the idea of going for a swim after is very real, opt for a minimal jewelry look that won't feel heavy or sticky on the skin. Eloise styles our Cleopatra Milgrain Necklace with our Hien Dainty Teardrop Necklace for a classy and elegant necklace stack. She adds on our favourite Liliuokalani Pearl Bracelet and brings in some major bling with our Catherine Oval Ring, Amelia Marquise Ring and Lovelace Wishbone Ring.

Silky Neutrals & Casual Silhouettes 

For outfits with a slightly more casual silhouette, you can choose to layer on the gold and really let your jewelry do the talking. With neutral silky tones, gold will really compliment the overall warmth of your look and definitely elevate your outfit to the next level. Remonia (L) wears our Cleopatra Milgrain NecklaceHien Dainty Teardrop Necklace and Roma Pendant Necklace. She also styles her look with our Roma III Signet Ring and Dante Ring. For her more party style look, Remona (R) wears our Vanessa Chain Necklace and Firenze Pendant Necklace

We hope this gives you a little inspiration into how you can style your next wedding guest or bridal party look. If you are looking to gift or style your bridal party, our team is available for private styling and gifting consultations. Simply email us at with your enquiry. 

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