Our mantra

S-kin (pronounced skin) Studio Jewelry is a fine jewelry brand that focuses on high quality every day jewelries that does not hurt your skin. Our jewelries are intended for every day use; they are timeless in design and are adorned by your sisters, your mum, and grandma. Our mantra for jewelry is that they compliment your skin, not turn it green.

S-kin is easy to fit into your every day lives, even in the shower. S-kin breathes femininity and sophistication on the wearer. S-kin encourages the wearer to explore and experience new pieces and styles and incorporate them into their every day lifestyle through its thoughtfully designed collections.

Inspired by country Victoria and natural Australian landscapes, our designs are timeless and essential, simple yet sophisticated, and endearing yet bold in its ways.

The Journey to S-kin

S-kin was created when I realized that retailers in the industry were promoting jewelries that wouldn't stand the test of time, i.e. fashion, costume jewelries that are plated, then thrown away after little use due to poor durability, and became the waste that the fashion industry is notorious for.

At the same time, I considered fine jewelry a luxury that was hardly accessible to the every day woman like me. When I looked for quality, everywhere I looked would have the same 5-10x markup that I could not afford, no matter how much I liked the design or item.

I actually started my 'fine' jewelry journey with sterling silver, a common but high quality silver, after many years of turning my fingers green with nickel and copper costume jewelry. Slowly, I ventured onto gold-plated, which I found, after so many impulse purchases, would not last with my constant every day use. After researching and many shopping experiments, I was amazed by the existence of gold-filled and how close the quality is to solid gold (gold-filled is still partly solid gold after all!), without the hefty price tag.

I still buy a couple pieces of statement jewelry here and there, but the joy in wearing jewelries for me is the fact that I can experiment, mix and match with my outfits as well as wearing them through my every day activities without excessive wear. I wear my jewelries to bed, to the shower, and even to the ocean. Thereafter, I wanted to create my subscription jewelry experience, where you too, can enjoy fine jewelries in the comfort of your own home, and without the excessive markups.

More information

Want to hear more about my journey? Listen to my podcast episode on how I started S-kin Studio Jewelry. Interested in learning more about gold filled? Read my blog post on Gold Filled vs. Gold Plated.