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Behind the Design - Tarot

Behind the Design - Tarot

Tarot was inspired by our original Zodiac collection and is an exploration into spirituality & the exploration of self. Tarot is a magnifying glass into our soul and everything that powers it; We hope this collection instils strength and intuition in your daily lives. Let it be a powerful awakening of the light within you and take a chance to welcome and trust what the Universe has for you.

What's in the Tarot Collection?

When designing this collection, our Creative Director, Chi took into consideration the many meaningful and powerful cards and symbols found in a traditional Tarot card deck. Each piece from the collection has been designed and created to serve you with a unique purpose. The collection features 6 mini pendants that each represent one of the six major arcana's, 1 large Protection pendant, 1 large Queen pendant, 1 pair of hoops that represents the Fool card and a minimal signet ring that is inscribed with the quote 'Audentis Fortuna Iuvat' meaning fortune favours the brave.

We have also added the13th zodiac, Ophiuchus, to the collection which will be found in our classic rectangular Pendant with a mini customisable charm. Ophiuchus is the newest addition to the zodiac signs and represents the birth dates between November 29 to December 17. 

How did you start the design process?

The conceptualisation of Tarot began in mid 2020 when we realised Ophiuchus needed to be a part of our Zodiac Collection to ensure that whether you follow or the old or new star sign dates that everyone would be included and represented in our collection. 

Drawing inspiration from one of her favourite travel destinations, Italy (the origin of Tarot cards) and love for all things self-care and healing, Chi sought to create a jewelry collection that would represent some of the most meaningful elements in a Tarot.

She started with the 6 major arcana's: the Magician, Moon, Star, Sun, World and Wheel of Fortune. Each pendant was drawn by hand and over many months of reiterations eventually became each of their own small pendants. They have been made smaller so that they can be worn singularly or combined with existing or new necklaces to give you the relevant guidance you desire. 

Here's what each of the six major arcana's mean: 

The Magician 

The Magician is an illusionist, a cosmic being of divine, universal power and magic. Let her unearth the energy of the divine power and manifest in you as a reminder of how powerful you are. You deserve to accomplish your dreams, whether big or small, and you have all you need to do so.

The Wheel of Fortune

Destiny may be mapped on the Wheel of Fortune for you. Let it be a reminder of the temporal nature of all things, that you are part of a bigger narrative, that you have the power to create change and receive change at the hands of others.

The Star

The Star represents your inner light, the very essence of who you are – kind, confident, beautiful. Tune into your inner sailor, and search for the nightly constellation that guides your path—the path to infinite wonder, magic, to where you feel the most at home.

The Moon

Powered by divine energy, the Moon lurks in the shadows and represents the power of the subconscious. She is at the heart of your own mystery and madness, the unseen; let her be your guidance to your inner imagination. Let her light up your path in the shadows of your inner sorceress.

The Sun

The Sun brings a welcoming energy that lights up your world, let her be a sign for you to embrace the blessings and clarity of her energy. Feel the love and abundance from her rays and set on a journey to discover your ultimate truth in search of enlightenment, fulfilment and spiritual abundance.

The World

It’s time to realize you are one with the Universe, and that on a deep level, you are whole. The World reminds you of your soul’s calling; she represents what you most desire, and how far you have grown. Celebrate your journey, to then surrender to the cyclical flow of life once again.

What does the Protection Pendant and Queen Pendant mean?

The Protection Pendant, as the name suggests, was created to protect and enhance the healing elements within you. The pendant features an evil eye and hamsa hand design to combine their strengths and give you guidance. Inspired by ancient scriptures of protection, use the pendant as a modern day amulet and shield. 

The Queen Pendant represents the four Suits in Tarot: Swords (Authenticity), Wands (Strength), Cups (Intuition) and Pentacles (Growth). She draws power from all four suits to equip the wearer with strength that can be found deep within you. The pendant itself features a stunning engraving on the Queen surrounded by the four Suits and on the opposite side, an engraving that reads 'For those who are the commander of their own fate, for The Queen herself has mastered the Cups, Swords, Pentacles, and Wands. May you take charge & rule’

What do the Fool Hoops and Fortuna Signet Ring represent?

The Fool Hoops represent one of the major arcana's in a Tarot card deck and symbolises innocence. Empowered by the sun & moon, which an be seen on the forehead of each face, we encourage you to open yourself to receiving new opportunities from the Universe.

As mentioned above, the inner band of the Fortuna Signet Ring reads 'Audentis Fortuna Iuvat' which means Fortune Favours the Brave. The Fortuna ring carries a reminder to welcome change, and to be open to the Universe. You are powerful enough to impact your life and the lives around you to create a beautiful reality. Simple and dainty, this ring also serves as a reminder that you do not need to be fancy or extravagant to be brave and worthy. 

I hope this gives you a little insight into why we created the Tarot collection and the meaning and symbolism behind each piece. We can't wait to see which pieces you get! Tarot launches at 12pm on the 11th of November, 2021. Sign up for early access here. 

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