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How Do Necklace Extenders Work? Guide to Necklace Extension Chains

How Do Necklace Extenders Work? Guide to Necklace Extension Chains

Have you ever had a few necklaces that you absolutely adored but could never wear together because they were all strangely different lengths? We definitely have! In fact many people often contact us to either add or remove a couple of inches to their necklace of choice. Instead of buying a new chain or permanently removing length for a necklace, we recommend using a necklace extension chain. 

Necklace Extension Chains

What are Necklace Extension Chains?

Extension chains are short removable chain extensions that can be added to any necklace to give you more versatility when styling your necklaces. Easy to add on or remove from any of your existing necklaces, a necklace extension chain is the only necklace accessory you'll ever really need! If you've ever seen any of our iconic necklace stacks, the secret behind their perfectly balanced lengths is the trusty necklace extension chain. Everyone has different lengths between their neck and décolletage area, so the 16 inch La Luna Pendant Necklace may sit higher like a choker for some or longer, below the collarbone, for others. Extension Chains

Why are Extension Chains useful?

We have the option of a 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch extension chain that includes a minimal necklace clasp that you can latch onto any of your current necklaces. The clasp is very petite and is not noticeable when attached onto your necklace of choice. A standard necklace is typically 18 inches or 45cm long. This necklace length is commonly the most versatile and suitable for everyday wear no matter what you are wearing. However, in recent times, shorter (16 inch/ 40cm) and choker style ( 14 inch/ 35cm) necklaces have gained popularity and introduced a new cult favourite necklace length for our best selling necklaces. However, depending on what you are wearing, a shorter necklace length may not always sit quite where you want it. So by adding a removable extension chain you are able to give your favourite necklaces a new life. Extension Chain for Necklaces

How do you use an Extension Chain?

Above you can see Eloise has styled our iconic Zodiac Necklace to showcase the different ways an extension chain can change your look. Our Zodiac Necklace come with an 18 inch chain which makes them the perfect middle stacking necklace. On the left, you can see Eloise has balanced her 18 inch Zodiac Necklace in its original length with our 16 inch Felicity Chain Necklace and our 22 inch Venezia Pendant Necklace.

On the right, Eloise adds a 2 inch extension chain and 4 inch extension chain to show wear the pendant sits when extra length is added. This is great when you are styling necklaces on top of thicker tops and knits as the thickness of the fabric typically makes the necklace sit higher than usual. How to Necklace Stack

On the left, Eloise wears our 13 inch Rachel Every Day Choker + a 2 inch extension chain to give it a bit more length. She then stacks our 18 inch Zodiac Necklace + 2 inch extension chain with our 20 inch Iris Pendant Necklace + 2 inch extension chain for a polished and curated look. The extension chains allow her to space her necklaces out a bit more to suit her deep scoop neck top and extenuate her décolletage. 

On the right, Chi wears our classic 14 inch Adelina Flat Necklace, 16 inch Paperclip Chain Necklace, 18 inch Zodiac Necklace and 22 inch Venezia Pendant Necklace. All 2 to 4 inches apart, the necklace stack is balanced and even throughout. 

Extension Chains | S-kin Studio Jewelry

Can I get the extension chain permanently added to my necklace?

Of course! All our necklaces are optioned with a 2, 3 or 4 inch extension chain. Simply select the drop-down menu for 'Add Extension Chain' and choose your desired length before adding to cart. The extension chain will be permanently added onto your necklace when we pack your order. If you would also like to take length off a necklace you are ordering, simply write a note to us at the checkout. Let us know which necklace you'd like to remove length from and how much you'd like removed. Please note, once length is removed from your chain it will no longer be available for change of mind returns or exchanges. 

However, we believe that having the option of adding and removing the entire extension chain just makes your life easier! You will be able to utilise the extension chain for all of your necklaces and you'll never have to not wear a necklace simply because it isn't a suitable length for your chosen look!

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