Which Type of Ear Backing is Right for Me? Ball Back vs. Flat Back vs. Butterfly Back

Which Type of Ear Backing is Right for Me? Ball Back vs. Flat Back vs. Butterfly Back

Which Type of Ear Backing is Right for Me? Ball Back vs. Flat Back vs. Butterfly Back

Earrings come in many different styles, and one key element that often gets overlooked is the type of earring back. These tiny but mighty pieces are very important for keeping your earrings secure and comfortable. So, whether you're looking for the perfect earrings for your specific piercing, dealing with issues with your current earrings, or just curious about your options, understanding the different types of earring backs can help you make the best choice.

Butterfly Back: Butterfly backs are the most common type of earring backs. They have two loops (resembling butterfly wings) that clutch the post of the earring.



Widely Available: These are easy to find and come with most stud earrings.

Adjustable: You can adjust them for a tighter or looser fit.

Easy to Handle: Their size makes them relatively easy to put on and take off.



Can Loosen Over Time: With frequent use, they might lose their tight grip.

Potential for Irritation: Some people find the butterfly wings can poke or irritate the skin, especially during sleep.

Best Use: Butterfly backs are versatile and great for most occasions. They are especially useful if you frequently change your earrings and need something quick and easy to use.

Ball Back: These are small, rounded backings that usually come with a screw post. The ball rotates and screws in place, allowing the earring to be secured.



Comfortable: The round shape sits comfortably against your earlobe and there is no sharp poking of the post when sleeping.

Secure: The screw thread is secure and reduces the chance of losing your earring.

Stylish: Adds a minimalistic and elegant touch to your earrings.



Smaller Size: Because they are small, they can be a bit tricky to handle and easy to lose.

Not Adjustable: You’ll need to choose the right post length that fits your particular piercing. 


Best Use: Ball backs are perfect for everyday wear, especially if you want something that looks sleek and feels comfortable. They are great for both casual and formal settings.


Flat Back: Flat backs have a smooth, flat surface that sits against the back of your earlobe. The backing is inserted from the back, with a ‘top’ that is screwed in or pushed in to secure. 



Comfortable for Sleeping: The flat surface makes them very comfortable to wear, even while sleeping.

Less Irritation: Ideal for people with sensitive ears or those who get irritated by traditional backs poking into their skin.

Secure: They tend to stay in place well, reducing the risk of losing an earring.



Thicker Gauge: Most flat backs are thicker gauge, at 18G or above, to allow for the top to be inserted into the hollow tube.

Tricky to put on: It can be tricky to insert the backing from the back of the ear and screwing the shorter top. 

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Best Use: Flat backs are fantastic for continuous wear, especially if you don’t want to take your earrings out every night. They’re also great if you have multiple piercings, such as cartilage, or are looking for something that won’t irritate your skin.


Choosing the right earring back depends on your personal comfort, the type of earrings you wear, and your daily activities. Ball backs offer a stylish and secure option, flat backs provide comfort especially during sleep, and butterfly backs are versatile and easy to use. By understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each type, you can select the best earring backs to suit your needs and keep your earrings secure and comfortable.

Remember, the right earring back can make all the difference in your earring-wearing experience!

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