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Infinite Welded Bracelet Booking Appointment

Get a welded bracelet & celebrate infinite love to yourself, a loved one, best friends, or your bridal party. Our Infinite Bracelets are clasp less and are safe to wear while you travel.

Our bracelets range from $189 AUD to $320 AUD and charms start from $85 AUD. You'll also be able to choose between 14K Yellow Gold and 14K White Gold options, both materials are made to last and can go from day to night, in water, beach, working out, and everything in between!

Address: Level 4/84 Cubitt St, Cremorne VIC 3121

Simply buzz the Level 4 intercom to enter the building and take the elevator to Level 4.


Frequently Asked Questions

 What is an Infinite Welded Bracelet?

An Infinite Welded Bracelet is a bracelet that has had its chain welded together permanently on your wrist for a seamless and infinite finish. No clasp, no end, no worries. Gone are the days of loosing your bracelet because you've forgotten where you've put it! 


How much is an Infinite Welded Bracelet?

Our bracelets start from $189AUD. The price of our bracelets reflects the cost of sourcing ethically produced 14K Solid Gold chains, charms and components. 


Does getting a welded bracelet hurt?

 Not one bit! Your skin is completely protected with a leather cover and the zap of the welding pen simply emits a one second flash when joining your bracelet together permanently. 


Can you remove your Infinite Welded Bracelet?

Short answer: Yes, but you'll have to cut it off. Long answer: Yes, but why would you want to? The concept of the Infinite Welded Bracelet is so that you have a permanently affixed bracelet that is seamless and not removable! However if you do wish to remove your bracelet you can cut it off at the jump ring and save it for when you'd like to have it rewelded. If you need to have your bracelet removed and would like it turned into a removable bracelet with a clasp we can also do that! Simply book in a repair appointment and we will safely remove and transform your bracelet for you. 


Is it safe to wear the welded bracelet in the ocean, in shower and through airport security?

 As all our bracelets are made with 14K Solid Gold they are perfectly safe and durable enough to wear in the ocean and shower! The bracelets are also too fine and dainty to cause any issues when going through airport security. 


Can I get a necklace or anklet welded?

Yes you can! Please send us an email at with all your dreams and desires and we'll try our best to make it happen!


What happens if my bracelet breaks?

If you've had your bracelet for more than 2 weeks, simply book in a repair appointment and we will reweld the bracelet onto your wrist. If you have had your bracelet for less than 2 weeks we will reweld the bracelet onto your wrist again for free. Both of these options are only possible if you are still in possession of your chain. If you have lost your chain you will need to purchase a new bracelet.


What happens if I need to have surgery or need to urgently remove my bracelet?

Simply use a pair of scissors to cut off the bracelet at the jump ring (which is the joining loop that holds the end of the chains together) and keep it safe until you'd like to have the bracelet welded on again. 


Are Infinite Welded Bracelets safe for MRI's or Xray's? 

Unfortunately if you require an MRI or Xray you will need to cut your bracelet off and have it rewelded or turned into a removable clasp bracelet. To do this simply book a repair appointment. This will only be possible if you are still in possession of the chain and all relevant components. 


Terms and Conditions 

  • A $50 deposit is taken at the time of your Infinite Bracelet booking. This amount will be deducted from your final purchase on the day. Essentially you only pay for the jewelry you get. Appointment deposits are non-refundable. Failure to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours prior will result in a forfeit of the deposit. 
  • A $40 repair booking covers the entirety of your repair costs. This appointment is only valid if you are still in possession of the chain. Failure to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours prior will result in a forfeit of the deposit. 
  • We offer a 2 week free of charge repair warranty for all Infinite Bracelets from the time it is welded onto your wrist. This rule only applies if you are still in possession of the chain. If in the case the chain is lost and cannot be retrieved, we are unable to replace the chain for you. 
  • If you have purchased a welded bracelet and would like to have it removed and turned into a removable clasp bracelet a $40 fee will be charged at the time of your booking (if made online) or appointment (if it is a walk in customer). 
  • All bracelets are deemed custom and once cut, there are no refunds or exchanges. All sales of Infinite Bracelets are considered final. 
  • Please note: We only weld with 14K Solid Gold pieces. We are unable to weld any of your existing jewelry even if it is 14K Solid Gold.
  • You'll need to be over 16 to get a welded bracelet at S-kin Studio.
  • Have further questions? Reach out to or on Live chat and we'll sort you out!



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