Gift Ideas according to their Zodiac Sign 

Still trying to figure out what to get your astrology-loving friends this holiday season? How about giving them zodiac inspired jewelry based on their sun and moon sign?! It’s personal, thoughtful and timeless - making it the perfect gift for any zodiac obsessed friend or casual astrology reader. 

If they are a Fire Sign... 

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the three fire signs of the zodiac. Known for their passionate, creative, competitive and daring personalities - it is no wonder they embody the fire sign. Although they stand out from the crowd and automatically become the life of any party, they are also known to have a temper and a short-fuse - no pun intended! These signs love to let people know what their zodiac sign is (looking at you, Leos) so jewelry that truly honors their sign is the perfect gift for every fire sign!

Complement a fire sign's bold personality with some bold jewelry such as our Harlow Classic Chunky Chain, Lyrra Round Slinky Chain or Adelina Flat Choker Necklace, to complete their zodiac necklace stack!

If they are an Earth Sign...

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the signs that represent Earth. Like the earth, they are considered the most grounded zodiac sign. Stable, honest and practical, earth signs are reliable hard workers who also happen to live by the “treat yourself” motto! So why not treat an earth sign with their own Zodiac Necklace! With a 9K Gold Filled Pendant and an 18K Gold Filled Chain, our Original Zodiac Necklaces are water safe and tarnish proof, making them both pretty and practical - perfect for your busy earth sign bestie!

Pair their earth sign zodiac necklace with our gold filled Dante, Patricia or White Petite Gemstone Ring, or surprise them with a solid gold Primrose, Cassia or Alice Ring!

If you are an Air Sign... 

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius represent the air signs of the zodiac. Intellectual, analytical and witty, air signs are great conversationalists and class clowns. With their free-thinking minds, and open approach to new ideas, air signs are literally a “breath of fresh air” to any crowd. Because of their talkative nature, give them their own air sign zodiac necklace - the perfect zodiac conversation starter to any upcoming holiday parties!

Add our unique gold filled Fool Hoops, Queen Pendant Necklace or Bee Curved Single Stud (also available in 14K Solid Gold) to complete your air sign zodiac look, and to help keep their conversations flowing!

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the three water signs of the zodiac. Considered as sensitive, intuitive and deep, water signs can sense and feel every emotion in a room. Many may belittle them for wearing their heart on their sleeves, but a water sign’s capability to unapologetically feel and value every little moment make them highly sentimental creatures. Any gift for a water sign is one that they will truly cherish - and one of those gifts should include their very own zodiac necklace. Add extra charms using our Mix & Match Necklace Bundle to customise it according to your water sign bestie!

Complete their zodiac necklace stack with our personalised jewelry, like our Wave Engravable Necklace or a Custom Initial Necklace, to make it even more sentimental!

We hope our gift guide helped you find the right gift for your fire, earth, air or water sign besties this holiday season! Still unsure? We also offer S-kin Studio E-Gift Cards so they can pick anything from our wide range of gold fill, sterling silver or solid gold jewelry!

Love, Gia from the S-kin Studio Team 💖

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