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How to Layer Necklaces & Build the Perfect Necklace Stack

How to Layer Necklaces & Build the Perfect Necklace Stack

In this blog post, we will detail for you how our Creative Director, Chi, styles her necklaces and tips to build the perfect necklace stack for you! Whether it is spicing up your old pieces and giving them new life, or creating a new stack for your jewellery collection, we hope this is a fun way to accessorize.

Let's get into it!

The Golden Rule

The golden rule of building the perfect necklace stack is having varying heights or lengths to your stack. I generally start with a feature piece, and build around it, or start from the shortest length to the longest. You want to have at least 2 inch difference in length of each layer, so your pendants can be shown off & shine. The guide below shows approximately where different length necklaces may fall on your decolletage.  

Two-piece necklace stacks

These are the simplest to build of course as there are only two necklaces to the look. For a crew neck shirt, I would suggest to go for a mid-height 18 inch & 20 inch combination, such as our Roma necklace & Firenze necklace, or a 16 inch & 20 inch combination, such as our La Luna necklace & Iris necklace.

Our La Luna necklace styled with our Sophie necklace from our Fleur collection

For a high cut top, I bring the attention higher on the neck with a shorter choker, such as our Adelina or Tifa choker. Then hanging a small pendant such as our Waratah pendant or Gilded heart necklace will complete the look!

Our Adelina choker styled with Venezia necklace

If you prefer longer layers, Go with a 18 inch and 22 inch necklace stack, such as our Sophie necklace & Venezia necklace. This would look great on top of a tight skivvy turtleneck, going into the winter months!

Our Adelina & Virgo zodiac necklace paired together

Three-piece necklace stacks

There are multiple ways to style a 3 piece necklace stack. Again start with the shortest length, then build your way up to a three piece stack. I usually start with framing the decolletage, such as with a 14 or 16 inch length choker, then a small pendant at 18 inch and a bolder pendant at 20 inch.

For example, the one below featuring our Felicity (16 inch), Sophie necklace (18 inch) and Venezia necklace (22 inch).

We have paired Venezia here again, with our Ana necklace and Adelina choker!

Another way to spice up your stack is to add a plain chain, which hangs more circularly instead of to a point like a pendant would, and in this case, you can use two of the same lengths to add shape to the look.

We've paired our Tifa choker, Cable chain in 16 inch & Pearl pendant, and Cuban chain in 18 inch, for a shorter layered look.

Experiment with different styles by mixing up minimal and bold pendants together. Add textures with different chain styles. I love mixing up our Mix and Match Necklaces Collection chains and pendants, these give you a lot of freedom to mix and match your own stack! 

This look features our Cable chain at 16 inch & our Pearl pendant, our Cuban chain at 18 inch and Gilded heart necklace.

Quick tip! You can take off the pendants off of your favourite necklaces and play around with mixing up the chains and pendants, or wear the chain alone by itself! Most of our pendants can come off the chain so you can wear them in multiple ways, making them more versatile. 

Four-piece necklace stacks

If you are after a 'maximalist' look - styling a four piece necklace look is a great way to accessorize and top off an outfit. Go for a contrast look, like the one below with multiple chains and textures. I started with our Tifa pearl choker (shortest length), then added our Felicity chain (16 inch), our Gilded heart necklace (adjustable from 14-18 inch), and finally added the Waratah necklace (adjustable from 18-20 inch).

Or turn it up a notch and layer three pendants and a choker! This is a super bold look and would look great with a simple mesh top, a low cut slip dress, or on a casual stroll to the beach with your ruched bathers and a sarong.

We designed our Italy collection necklaces to be perfect to layer as a four piece stack - ft. our Felicity chain, La Luna necklace, Firenze necklace, & Venezia necklace.

Five-piece necklace stacks

This is the ultimate necklace stack - it's not your every day look but for a festival, etc. we love a good statement neck. To style a five piece necklace stack, stick to your rule of varying lengths, as this will help them from tangling onto each other. Start with a short choker at 14 inch, then a chain at 16 inch and three pendant necklaces at 18, 20 and 22 inch. Or mix it up and go 3 chains & 2 pendants - the world is your oyster! 

On high rotations

I absolutely love every piece from our necklaces range, however as we have released several collections over the years some have stuck as my favourites. For me, the ritual of putting on a different necklace, or a slightly different look depending on what I'm wearing for the day, makes me feel polished and ready for the day.

My current favourites are:

2 Stacker:

3 Stacker:

What are your current favourite layers? Share them and tag us at @skinstudioj_ on Instagram and let me know!

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