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How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring For You

How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring For You

The sparkle, the glamour and the moment that will change your life forever. I think it's fair to say that we've all spent a moment or two dreaming about how this magical moment might go down! Needless to say, a huge part of getting engaged is of course, the engagement ring. Whether you're simply trying to get a lay of the land or if you are on the hunt for the perfect ring, here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you find the perfect ring. 

Choose Your Desired Stone Shape

1. Decide Which Stone Shape You Like

At S-kin Studio we offer a wide variety of stone shapes and ring band materials for you to choose from. Our stone shapes are offered in Round, Oval and Marquise Moissanite or Diamonds. 

Round Shape: Round cut stones are the most popular and classic shaped stones of all time. Simple and elegant, a well cut round stone offers incredible brilliance and fire. Due to its shape, the facets of the stone refract a large amount of light making it appear extra sparkly. Our Nightingale Solitaire Ring features a round shape stone. 

Oval Shape: The largest engagement ring stone in our collection, our Catherine Oval Ring, features a stunning oval shape moissanite or diamond of your choice. Weighing in a total of 1.31 carats, this jaw dropping oval shape helps to elongate the finger and is definitely for those of you that like to make a statement. 

Marquise Shape: A delicate and minimal shape, the Marquise shape stone is featured in our Amelia Marquise Ring. With a defined point at both ends of the stone, the marquise cut was originally conceptualized based on the request of France's King Louis XV who wanted a diamond to match the shape of the Marchioness' lips. It is a classy silhouette with a noble history. 

Choose Your Ring Band Material

2. Choose Your Desired Ring Band Material

Once you've selected your dream stone shape you get to choose your desired ring band material. When creating these rings, we knew that everyone would have different values behind the choice of their engagement or ceremonial ring so we made sure you had plenty of options to choose from.

For those that are wanting a sturdy and affordable option, all our rings are offered in 18K Gold Fill and Sterling Silver. All our 18K Gold Fill and Sterling band rings are all ranged under $1000 to ensure you can still choose the ring that means the most to you. Gold Fill is a wonderful solid gold alternative and is safe for those with metal allergies. Sterling Silver is also incredibly durable and hypoallergenic. All our 18K Gold Fill and Sterling Silver rings are offered with a Moissanite stone. 

For those that are looking for something that will last you for generations to come, our rings are available in 9K, 14K, 18K Solid Gold. White Gold and Platinum are also available upon request. With our Solid Gold bands, we offer your choice of a Moissanite or Diamond stone. Solid gold has proven to be one of the best metals for jewelry as it does not tarnish or fade and retains value overtime. Our Solid Gold rings are made to last a lifetime and are only made to order. Making your ring, truly one of a kind. 

Learn more about Gold Fill here and Solid Gold here.

Choose your desired stone

3. Know Which Stone You Want & Where It's From

For our Solid Gold bands, you have a choice of a Moissanite or Diamond stone.

Moissanite has always been a popular alternative to diamonds as they are lab grown and require no mining. They offer equally if not more light refractions meaning they are very shiny.

Diamonds are traditionally the favoured engagement ring stone. Originally only mined from the earth, technology has now allowed us to produce lab-grown diamonds that are of the same or even greater value. 

Learn more about the difference between Moissanite & Diamonds here. 

Be confident that your stone has been ethically and sustainably sourced by ensuring the stone has the appropriate certifications. All our Moissanite and Diamonds are ethically lab-grown and offer certifications to ensure they are exactly what they say there. Each of our stones are graded on their 4 C's so you'll always know the exact cut, colour, clarity and carat of your stone. Learn more about the 4 C's here. 

Ring Sizer

4. Make Sure You Measure Your Ring Size Correctly 

It may seem obvious, but getting the perfect ring size is one of the easiest yet so often overlooked steps on the list. With so many different sizing charts and ways to measure your finger we've made it easy for you with our Ring Sizer. Simply use the tool to measure your chosen finger to ensure you get the right fit. It's important to remember that each finger is unique and depending on the weather or time of day, the size of your finger may fluctuate. Just remember that it shouldn't be so tight you lose colour in your finger or loose enough that it falls off effortlessly. Follow the instructions on our Ring Sizer to get the perfect fit.

Find our Ring Sizer here.

Have Fun!

5. And Lastly, Enjoy The Process!

Getting an engagement or ceremonial ring can be stressful but at the end of the day you're shopping for a meaningful piece of jewelry that represents the love you share with your significant other. The size of the stone, ring trends and price tag should not determine and define your ring of choice. Find something that brings you joy and be confident that whatever you choose will bring a smile to you and your significant other's face for years to come.

And don't forget, if you do ever find the process overwhelming, we are always here to help. Feel free to send us an email regarding our engagement and ceremonial rings at 

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