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Behind The Design - Enchanted Collection

Behind The Design - Enchanted Collection

When dreaming about what our engagement and ceremonial jewelry collection would look like, Chi, our creative director, took inspiration from her own bridal experience and notable women in history and her life. Each ring has its own story and meaning behind the design. From our most minimal band, the Evangeline Curved Ring to our most extravagant Diamond ring, the Solid Gold Catherine Oval Ring, here's how each ring came to be. 


Nightingale Solitaire Ring

The first ring designed in the collection was the Nightingale Ring. This ring is directly inspired by Chi's own engagement ring and features a classic brilliant round shaped stone, with your choice of Moissanite or Diamond. This ring also features two delicately cut baguette shape stones that sit neatly in vintage-inspired curved arches for additional detailing. 


The Nightingale Ring is the most timeless and classic engagement ring in our opinion which is why it pays homage to the incredible Florence Nightingale. A British nurse and statistician, Nightingale is well-known to be the founder of modern nursing. During the Crimean War she established health and safety standards that would go on to save thousands of lives. The Nightingale Solitaire Ring serves to remind us that perseverance and commitment is at the core of all good things. 


Catherine Oval Ring

Our Catherine Oval Ring was designed to make a statement and features a stone that you just simply couldn't look away from! With a stunning oval shape cut, in your choice of moissanite or diamond, this dainty band ring was designed to sparkle like no other. With six additional melee diamonds or moissanite nestled on either side of your oval-shaped stone, this ring shines from any direction. The band features a vintage style Milgrain finish for added character and distinction.

Catherine Oval Ring

Named after Catherine the Great, the empress of Russia from 1762 - 1796, this Catherine Oval Ring reflects her strong-willed personality and ability to stand out from the crowd. She was Russia's longest ruling female leader and shared a passion for the arts. This bold statement ring reflects Catherine's loud stature and we know that anyone that wears it will be complimented for its sparkle.


Amelia Marquise Ring

Unlike many other marquise cut stone rings, our Amelia Marquise Ring features an East West set Marquise stone. Seen more commonly in vintage rings, a East West set Marquise diamond (or Moissanite if you prefer) will give an art deco feel to your special ring. Surrounded by ten other smaller stones, we wanted this minimal ring to comfortably blend in with your everyday look.

Amelia Marquise Ring

Inspired by the incredible American aviation pioneer and author, Amelia Earhart, this ring reminds us that anything is possible when you strive for your best. Amelia was known for setting numerous flying records and pioneering women's participation in aviation between the 1920's and the 1930's. She was the first woman to ever fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and also become the first person to ever individually fly from Hawaii to American mainland soil. Like Amelia, we hope this ring makes you feel fearless and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

 Lovelace Wishbone Ring

Lovelace Wishbone Ring

At S-kin Studio we are always inspired by the nature that surrounds us and our Lovelace Wishbone Ring is a direct reminder to appreciate and marvel at nature's beauty. For our boho and minimal brides, this engagement or wedding band has been uniquely shaped so that it looks like a branch is gently hugging your finger. The simple arch in the ring allows you to stack it with your engagement or centre stone ring without an awkward gap. 

 Lovelace Wishbone Ring

The name Lovelace is inspired by English Mathematician, Ada Lovelace. Born in 1815, Lovelace was the first person to ever recognise that machines could have greater applications than calculations and is regarded to essentially be the world's first computer programmer. The Lovelace Wishbone Ring is a reminder that anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

Marie Wishbone Ring

Marie Wishbone Ring

Designed for the elegant minimalists, this simple gold band ring features a tiny moissanite stone to add a hint of sparkle to your finger. Stunning on her own or stacked with a large centre stone ring, the Marie Wishbone Ring has a delicate curve for a feminine finish. This ring is perfect for those of you that are wanting a slighting untraditional engagement ring style but still want the aesthetic of your ring to last the test of time. 

 Marie Wishbone Ring

Inspired by the Polish-French physicist, Marie Curie, the Marie Wishbone Ring is as iconic and meaningful as its namesake. Marie was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in 1903 and became the first and only person to win the award in scientific research again in 1911. We hope this Marie Ring inspires you to live to your fullest and as Marie Curie once said ''Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.''

 Evangeline Curved Ring

Evangeline Curved Ring

The most subtle ring in the collection, the Evangeline Curved Ring is inspired by Chi's own wedding band. Once again, this band has been strategically curved to allow your engagement or large stone ring to sit comfortably on top without either ring obstructing the other. With a dainty constellation inspired engraving on the ring, we were inspired by the never-ending night sky and the beauty it encapsulates.  

 Evangeline Curved Ring

The name of this ring was inspired by the American astrologer, Evangeline Adams. Evangeline was a late 19th to early 20th century astrologer known for writing and defending a number of popular books about astrology. Her contributions to astrology are remembered through this stunning constellation ring and serves as a constant reminder that the sky's the limit. 

Each of these rings has a unique purpose, story and meaning. We hope that in discovering our Enchanted Collection you are able to find a piece that speaks and connects with you in a way no other fine jewelry piece has before. We created this collection with the intention of offering a wonderfully bespoke, ethical and sustainable bridal jewelry experience for all of our clients who are looking to be more environmentally and socially considerate. If you have any questions regarding the collection please feel free to email us at

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