How to Care for Your Jewellery


Our jewellery is made of sterling silver or gold filled. Gold filled is different to gold plated in that the layer of gold is very thick, generally 5% of the weight of item is composed of solid gold. Gold plated jewellery tend to wear and fade more easily compared to gold filled.


Sterling silver is a material that is prone to tarnish and turn dull over time. However, different to other materials, this layer of tarnish can be removed. To keep sterling silver shiny, keep away from water and harsh chemicals such as detergent, lotions, and perfumes. Grit and dirt may collect on top of your jewellery. To clean sterling silver jewellery, use gentle toothpaste, or mix baking soda and water and wrap jewellery in aluminium foil for 5-10 minutes then gently wipe to reveal a polished surface.


Gold-filled is resistant to tarnish as the layer of solid gold is relatively thick. Nonetheless gold fill will wear over time and become dull and even tarnish if worn harshly or comes in contact with water, harsh chemicals, or acidic skin types. Once gold-filled jewellery has tarnished, it is not possible to remove the tarnish layer; it will have to be re-filled through a mechanical process. Therefore it is absolutely important that you take precautions to care for your gold-filled jewellery.


To keep gold fill jewellery shiny, keep away from water and harsh chemicals such as detergent, lotions, and perfumes. To clean gold-filled jewellery, use a blue polishing cloth to wipe away dirt and grit collected on the surface. 


Both sterling silver and gold fill are very soft materials and is recommended to be cleaned often. Take care when wearing during exercise or heavy activity as it could deform easily.


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