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2021 Nail Art And Ring Styling Trends

2021 Nail Art And Ring Styling Trends

We have all seen it. We have all become obsessed with it. And now we just can't stop thinking about it!

Nail art. The incredible art form has always blown my mind away with how intricate and detailed designs can get. With such a small surface area to work with, the patience and steadiness of ones hand required for nail art is truly surreal. Whether you want a large gemstone beaming from your ring finger nail or a classic French manicure with colourful tips, there is truly a design to suit everyone's taste. 
Recently I have been spotting a lot of unique nail art designs that have been trending online and it felt almost necessary to share some of our favourites! So, to commemorate our cult favourite rings, here is a list of nail art trends that we've spotted and loved that also feature S-kin Studio Jewelry pieces!
2021 Nail Art Trends
1. Heavenly Nail Art 
The angelic and ethereal theme has been showing up all over the internet, with the trend ranging from floaty and lacey dresses to full recreations of famous Michelangelo paintings as eyeshadow! Tara (@taramilktea) shows her take on this trend with her her baby blue cloud nail art with angels and heavenly figures drawn on top. She wears our favourite Dante Ring which features a tiny little cupid engraving. 
Tara Milk Tea Nail Art
In this floral inspired photoshoot, Tara styles her cloud inspired nail art with our Lore Ring and Dante Ring (L-R). She has also worn this with her Adelina Choker Necklace, Initial Tag Pendant with Vanessa Chain Necklace and the Bloom Poppy Necklace (August)
Tara Milk Tea Nail Art
2. Fine Line and Swirl Nail Art 
Could there be anything more dainty, intricate and minimal?! The fine line and swirl nail art trend is definitely one of the most popular trends of 2021 with many people experimenting with multiple colours and designs. Vanessa styles her stunning nails with her Patricia Heirloom Ring, Roma III Signet Ring and Dante Ring (L-R). She also wears her Custom Single Initial Bracelet and her Zeta Bracelet.
Vanessa Li Nail Art
3. Barely There Nails
For those of us that what to keep it a bit more lowkey or minimal the barely there nail art trend is perfect option. It is a classy and curated way to keep your nails looking uniform and manicured without having to invest in a particular colour. Hegia (@heyhegia) wears her barely there nails with her Roma III Signet Ring, Patricia Heirloom Ring and Dante Ring. Zarayna (@zaraynaf) styles her barely there white gradient nails with our Gia Chunky Bracelet.
Barely There Nail Art Trend
 S-kin Studio Team Nail Picks 
Having fallen in love with all the different nail art designs, the whole office decided that it was time to go get ourselves some fresh nails! We all opted for a different type of nail art design, as inspired by the 2021 nail art trends, and I don't think that our nails could have turned out better! 
Chi styles her Gia Chunky Bracelet and her everyday rings, the Patricia Heirloom RingDante Ring and Roma III Signet Ring, with abstract fine line and shape nail art in a mixture of bright colours for a simple yet unique aesthetic. 
Nail Art S-kin Studio Jewelry
Eloise (L) styles her Patricia Heirloom Ring with the trendy French tip nail art design in black with a feature marble nail art design on each hand. For myself (R), I styled my Dante Ring and Roma III Signet Ring with an ethereal inspired look which featured a cloud like design with fine gold detail nail art and a textured chromatic white feature nail to finish. 
Team Nail Art Picks
Having been on quite the nail art journey myself, I am glad that I have since graduated from painting my own nails to securing the assistance of professional nail technicians. Gone are the days I'd loose half my nail art attempt in my sleep (due to not being patient enough for them to dry properly) or resort to using sticky tape to create ''cool'' designs. As more and more incredible nail artists continue to share their craft and techniques, fun nail art is more accessible than ever. And I truly couldn't be more grateful for all the artists that have spent many hours painting, gluing and adorning my nails with a variety of gorgeous designs.
2021 Nail Art Trends
The team at S-kin Studio had such a wonderful time trying out these 2021 nail art trends and styling our signature rings with each of these looks! If you have the chance, I would highly recommend trying out any of these nail art trends and challenging yourself to try something new! I can't wait to try a whole plethora of nail art designs this year but for the next little while you can be sure that I'll be showing off these dreamy white and gold accented nails for as long as I can! 
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