2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide: For Every Type of Mum

When it comes to jewelry sometimes it can be really difficult to determine which particular item would be most suitable as a gift for a particular person. With each person living their own unique lives, lifestyle plays a really important role in determining which jewelry pieces they might actually end up wearing on a daily rotation.

So, this year for Mother's Day we thought we'd give you a helping hand in determining what jewelry pieces would work best for your mum or motherly figure depending on the lifestyle or preferences they have when it comes to their jewelry.


Haleena's Mum wears The Always Busy Mum Edit. Haleena wears her Felicity Chain Necklace, La Luna Pendant Necklace, Zodiac Pendant Necklace, Daisy Pearl Earrings.

For mums always on the go, we know that they need something that will go with everything they wear, that won't get in the way of smashing out goals and can withstand all the elements! She is class, she is grace, she is Miss can get everything done whilst still maintaining a social schedule, aka super mum. 

We have chosen a timeless selection of jewelry pieces that are all made with gold-fill which makes them tarnish-resistant and suitable for wear in water. This means she doesn't have to take her jewelry off on the daily and can be confident that these minimalist pieces will suit whatever she's wearing on the day! 


Isabelle wears the Expecting and New Mum Edit and Glenda wears the Grandmother Edit.

For those who are expecting a little bubba to be joining them shortly or have recently given birth, we are aware that they may want more wearable and easy to manage jewelry pieces over large dangly or statement pieces. These strong woman have embarked on a wonderful journey of motherhood and to commemorate the occasion, a new everyday necklace, like the Singapore Chain Necklace would make a beautiful gift.

Considering how hectic it tends to be with new-borns around, we have selected a few pieces that we believe will add a little bit of sparkle to their everyday look without being too dramatic or hard to wear. These pieces are also made with gold-fill making them suitable for water and sleeping in so they don't even have to worry about taking them off!


Chi wears our Basically A Mum Edit. 

We realised that whilst many of team members at S-kin Studio may not have actually given birth to a child making us a dictionary definition of a mum, we still feel that many people, including ourselves, play a large role in someone or somethings life that we basically are their mum. So we believe that people that partake in maternal actions should also be celebrated! 

(Cue our reasoning behind a dog mum photoshoot). We want to acknowledge that many people deserve to be celebrated for the time and effort they put into being motherly figures and we think that the following pieces of glorious jewelry goodness will undoubtedly make them feel loved and supported.  


Glenda (L) wears The Grandmother Edit and Isabelle (R) wears the Expecting or New Mum Edit. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to get grandma jewelry because more often than not she may already have an incredible selection of pieces that she has collected over time. But without breaking the bank, we have a few options you could get her that can either compliment or be added onto her existing jewelry.

If you were wanting to gift her something meaningful or really add your own personal touch to the piece, you can also option getting her birthstone on a pendant or your initials stamped onto a tag pendant and then adding that to the earrings or necklace that you decide to get her. Our Magnolia and Iris Collection is inspired by our own grandmothers jewelry. With more of a vintage touch, all the pieces in the collection are as timeless and beautiful as our grandmas.  


Amy wears the Silver Loving Mum Edit.

Some people simply prefer silver over gold and we've got the perfect selection of goodies to satisfy their desires! All our silver jewelry pieces are made with sterling silver which makes them tarnish resistant and long wearing. Our limited curation of silver jewelry is minimalistic and can be layered and stacked together to create the perfect understated silver look for your silver loving mum.

You can choose to create your own necklace or earrings design with our Mix & Match Collection in sterling silver. Simply choose your favourite chain and your desires pendants and charms to create a completely unique and customised jewelry piece for your mum. 

We hope you that you found the above gift ideas useful for this upcoming Mother's Day and if you still aren't quite sure what to get them you can always go for a S-kin Studio gift card! We can't wait to say thank you to our mums or motherly figures and we look forward to creating each and every one of your beautiful jewelry pieces!

Love, The S-kin Studio Team 💖

Outfits for the Mother's Day photoshoot were supplied by Le Buns 


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