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Behind the Shoot - Piercing Collection Part 2

Behind the Shoot - Piercing Collection Part 2

Piercing Collection Part 2 has finally dropped! Yay! We hope that you have been able to find something that you love in our newest release of uniquely designed piercing earrings.

Piercings Collection Part 2 Lookbook


For this Lookbook, we were heavily inspired by the Renaissance art period. This era of art is responsible for producing some of the world’s most iconic pieces of art like the Mona Lisa and David of Michelangelo.  Much like how Joannes Vermeer, the painter behind the Girl with a Pearl Earring, took inspiration from the Renaissance art era to create his own masterpiece we too wanted to capture our own creations of art in a similar light.

Piercings Collection Part 2 Lookbook Shoot

We had a custom vintage style corset handmade for this shoot to further allow us to capture and showcase our modern take on the eras styling and fabrics. As our jewelry collections are predominantly made in gold fill, we felt that an overall warm tone would be appropriate to give our images a sense of warmth and an old-time feel. Like how we used to dip tea bags on our school assignments to make them look aged, our Lookbook also needed that classic vintage vibe.

Piercings Collection Part 2 Lookbook Shoot


With this sense of vintage nostalgia, we took the Part 2 Lookbook photoshoot to the gold rush era town of Maldon, Victoria. Known for its perseveration efforts, the town still has a functional steam train and has maintained a wealth of solid stone buildings, local shop fronts and miner cottages. This township was declared Australia's First Notable Town in 1966 by the National Trust of Australia. 

Piercings Collection Part 2 Lookbook Shoot

We found a beautiful home in the small town of Maldon and invited our photographer, Tuscany Gray, and model, Brooke Black to join us on location to shoot this new collection. Beginning bright and early in the morning, Creative Director, Chi, was up at 6am preparing to capture that dazzling morning light. The small team then spent the following four hours exploring the grounds of the homey estate and shooting our Lookbook photos. 

Piercings Collection Part 2 Lookbook Shoot BTS


It took us a hot minute to find our gorgeous model Brooke, who has a whopping total of ten ear piercings, but when we did it truly was a perfect match. Brooke, who is also a full-time dancer, emitted a glorious timeless vibe and was the perfect canvas for us to showcase our new earring pieces. With golden hour in sight, we prepared a total of five looks for Brooke and aimed to capture moments of pure joy and simplicity. Our overall goal for this photoshoot was to transport you to a different era that felt more carefree and candid. Whilst each look is carefully curated it is also worn casually with vintage undertones to its colouring and style.

Piercings Collection Part 2 Lookbook Shoot

Given that we have never made a piercing specific collection before, we knew that we wanted to share with you the dainty and feminine vision we had when conceptualising the collection. As piercing earrings can typically be quite boring or masculine in style, we created these designs with the intention of giving everyone a chance to have a wonderfully curated earring stack for fresh or healed piercings that could also be delicate and elegant. 

Piercings Collection Part 2 Lookbook Shoot Styling

It has been as equally fun as it has been challenging creating the Piercing Collection but we are so proud of what we have created. The whole team at S-kin Studio would like to thank you for all the love and support we have received during the release of this collection. We truly hope that you will be able to find something in the collection that bring you joy each time you wear it!Piercing Collection SHOP NOW

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