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Behind The Scenes - Piercing Collection Part 1

Behind The Scenes - Piercing Collection Part 1

The Piercing Collection is the first major collection we have released this year and boy was it a journey! With a two-part release, a piercing filled party and a new material offering, (14K Solid Gold) the making and release of the Piercing Collection has been one to remember! From its conceptualisation to its production, we have spent many hours carefully preparing this collection and we wanted to take a moment to share a little insight into its creation with you. So, here is, a little behind the scenes into how we prepared for the Piercing Collection release!


How the Piercings Collection was conceptualised

We are always listening and reading to every one of your suggestions and messages as it is important to us to learn from your feedback and always strive to be bigger and better. So, in combination with these messages and experience with getting our own ears pierced and being stuck with slightly less than desirable piercing jewelry for a minimum of six weeks, it was clear that we needed to create our own ear-piercing collection. It was imperative that whatever we made would be safe to wear in fresh piercings, could be stylish and comfortable but most importantly could also fit in all the different ear piercings one could get. And thus, the Piercing Collection idea was born! Creative Director, Chi Mai, then spent many months designing and working with our ethical factories in Mumbai, India to create each of the dainty and minimal earring pieces. 


How did we choose the materials and manufacturer for the Piercings Collection?

For the first time ever, we decided to use solid gold for one of our collections! This was a necessary decision as we needed to ensure that if someone wanted to get pierced or replace their fresh piercing earring with these earrings it would be safe, tarnish resistant and sensitive skin friendly. We opted for 14K solid gold so that the earrings would be extremely sturdy and long-lasting. Typically, the higher karatage of gold means the softer and more malleable the gold will be. Using 14K gold meant that the earrings would be able to hold it's shape in the ear if pressure was applied. Of course, the collection is still made in our iconic gold fill and sterling silver materials as well for a more affordable but still high-quality option. And as per usual, our trusty ethical manufacturers in Mumbai, India helped us create these earring pieces. Over the course of six months, we revised prototypes until the perfect product was created! 


Behind the Shoot of the Piercings CollectionBehind the Shoot of the Piercings Collection

As each earring in this collection is so dainty and small, we needed to take a different approach in shooting this collection. We searched far and wide to find a model that had multiple ear piercings for this campaign and we finally found Talia Eva! With the gorgeous Talia, our fresh off the press Piercing Collection, the ever-talented make-up artist, Zoe Karlis and the amazing fashion photographer, Carmen Rose, we were on the road to success to shooting an amazing Piercing Collection campaign. We found a beautiful naturally lit studio in Brunswick, Melbourne that served as our home for this particular shoot. After a few moments of sheer fear, (we thought we forget to bring the jewelry 😂), we captured a multitude of shots that featured the Piercing Collection in its best light. Each look was previously curated and prepared to ensure we had many different combinations of the jewelry on Talia that we would then use for all our marketing material. 

Check out the Piercing Collection Lookbook here


The creation and release of the Piercing Collection has definitely taught us many new things, including how to shoot with a macro lens, what earring designs are best suited for each ear piercing and what it takes to make earrings that are piercings appropriate! We can't wait for you to discover Part 2 of this amazing collection and if you haven't already, sign up to the Piercing Collection Part 2 Waitlist to get early access on the second drop! Piercing Collection Part 2 launches on the 21st of April at 12pm AEST. 

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