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Solid Gold Event Recap

Solid Gold Event Recap

To mark the launch of our Solid Gold Collection, we transformed our sunlit retail studio into a gorgeous evening of splendour & grandeur yesterday! It was the perfect way for our guests to get to really know our newest pieces, as well as our core collections, in person too. 


Image: Jed snapping a photo at the entrance with our model from our Solid Gold Collection, and Tully Smyth showing off her new Outer Conch piercing adorned with our Bee Cure Single Stud.

Our artist of the night, Angie Réhe, drew frame-ready portraits of our guests that really captured their facial features in a beautiful light.

Our harpist, Sera, was very musical and improvised all night alongside lo-fi beats that really complimented her playing. 


Image: Our harpist with her speaker playing lo-fi as accompaniment, and all of our 4 drinks inspired by the pieces from our Solid Gold Collection: Fahari, Leilani, Sora & Yuki.


Image: Our VIP guest got his portrait drawn, got a Forward Helix piercing, and went home with his new Trinity piercing, Grace Small Hoops & Evangeline Ring.


As the golden hour set in, it illuminated the space whilst our guests snacked at our dessert & cheese platter, and sipped away the made-fresh-to-order cocktails inspired by our new pieces, such as:

Lady Leilani Cocktail — A floral twist on the White Lady Cocktail, Lady Leilani is inspired by our golden Leilani Flower Diamond Stud, made with Gin, St Germain Elderflower liqueur, Lemon Juice, Triple Sec w. Gold Luster Dust

Sora Gin Sour — The perfect combination of sweet and sour, the Sora Gin Sour is named after our elegant Sora Signet Ring, made with Gin, Lemon Juice, Raspberry Sugar Syrup, Raspberries, Chickpeas (Aquafaba) w. Edible Gold Leaf

Fahari 75 — A golden take on the classic French 75, the Fahari 75 share the same name as our Fahari Pear Gemstone Hoops, made with Gin, Lemon Juice, Champagne, Sugar Syrup w. a Gold Sugar Rim

Yuki Berry Fizz — Sweet and refreshing, the Yuki Berry Fizz is named after our Solid Gold Yuki Diamond Necklace, made with Lemon Juice, Raspberry Sugar Syrup, Soda Water w. Raspberry Garnish

Many also left with a few new piercings to get a step closer to the ear stacks of their dreams. Our piercing station was popping off throughout the event!

 Image: Khanh getting his third piercings with us, with a new Trinity & Rei

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