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Solid Gold was is a collection made up of my dream everlasting heirlooms to be passed down for generations. As I enter my now late 20's I've placed even more importance on buying well & buying to last. Solid Gold is a collection of small batch, ethically made pieces made with recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds, inspired by vintage heirlooms & designed to be worn and treasured forever.



With this collection, it was important for the designs to be timeless & versatile, as every piece will be worn for a long time, with the idea of passing down generations in mind.

When designing this collection, our Creative Director, Chi, drew a lot of inspiration from nature. She also kept the designs minimal and simple, so that they stay classic and can stand the test of time when they're passed down as family heirlooms.

This collection features 16 pieces, with 4 necklaces, 4 rings, 7 earrings & a bracelet. Some of them are matching and complimentary, which make perfect gifts too.




Victoria Solid Gold Baguette Diamond Necklace

For all the vintage lovers, this stunning Victoria Baguette Diamond Necklace is the epitome of timeless elegance. With a memorable vintage style design, we were inspired by the opulence seen on early 20th century royals. The name Victoria comes from Latin origins and is the feminine variant of the masculine name Victor. In Roman mythology, Victoria is the goddess of victory.


Yuki Solid Gold Trio Diamond Necklace

Featuring 3 mini white diamonds, this dainty solid gold necklace will have a timeless addition to your everyday luxury pieces. Inspired by the tiny little snowflakes that fall during winter in Japan, this necklace reflects the hints of sparkle that you see fluttering across the sky during light snow fall. The name Yuki is directly taken from the Japanese word for Snow.


Marguerite Solid Gold Flower Diamond Necklace  

To match your cheery disposition, the Marguerite Flower Diamond Necklace will make a timeless addition to your everyday luxury collection. Inspired by our favourite understated flower, Marguerite is the French word for Daisy. The bigger sister of the Leilani Flower Diamond Studs, the pair make a meaning and memorable gift!


Kate Solid Gold Pear Diamond Necklace 

Minimal and understated, the Kate Pear Diamond Necklace is the ultimate symbol of elegance. Simply put, an everyday reminder of the pure diamond you are. This classic pear shape cut diamond necklace is inspired by the Royal Duchess Catherine Middleton. Formally known as Kate Middleton, this necklace represents all the growth and love that has helped you become the strong person you are today.


Yuri Solid Gold Trio Diamond Bracelet

The partner in crime with our Yuki Trio Diamond Necklace, the Yuri Bracelet features 3 dainty white diamond stones to add a hint of timeless sparkle to your wrist. Designed to be worn as a stunning matching set with the Yuki Necklace, the Yuri Bracelet was named after the Korean word for glass.





Alice Solid Gold Wishbone Ring

A subtle hint to your royal disposition, our Alice Wishbone Ring is a dainty and minimal ring with a crown like detail to let everyone one you're the queen in your life. Inspired by the shape of a tiara, the Alice Wishbone Ring is refined and regal. She represents all of our inners queens and reminds us that we are the masters of our own destiny.

Cassia Solid Gold Stacking Ring
A dainty and cute addition to your ring stacks, the Cassia Ring will contribute a bit of sparkle and texture to your hand bling. Made for layering, the Cassia Ring was inspired by the yellow blooms found on the Cassia. The Cassia tree is also know as the golden shower tree due to its cascading yellow flowers that bloom downwards like a waterfall of flowers.


Primrose Solid Gold Petite Diamond Ring

The most gorgeous Petite Diamond Ring one could get, she will add a hint of sparkle only a diamond could give. Inspired by our cult favourite White Gemstone Petite Ring, this effortless and understated Primrose Diamond Ring is perfect adorn your hand on the daily and start your ethical diamond jewelry collection!
Sora Solid Gold Signet Ring
The signet ring of our dreams is finally here. The Sora Signet Ring is the effortless and minimal everyday solid gold ring you were looking for. Sora means sky in Japanese and it reminds us of the beautiful memories we've made throughout our lives under the summer sun. Warm, meaningful and everlasting, we hope the Sora Ring reminds you of your fondest memories.




Leilani Solid Gold Flower Diamond Stud 

These stunning daisy inspired Solid Gold Diamond Studs are the perfect earrings to add a hint of elegance and fun to your everyday look. The name Leilani is a popular Hawaiian name that translates to heavenly flower. Lei meaning flower and lani mean heavenly. It can also be translated as 'royal child'. We hope that when you wear your Leilani Flower Studs you'll feel like the deserving queen that you are.


Byeol Solid Gold Earrings

The perfect dainty diamond studs, the Byeol Solid Gold Earrings are ideal for sensitive ears that also want a hint of luxury. Inspired by the starry night sky, the Byeol earrings remind us of the tiny little stars that cover the sky on a clear summer night. The name Byeol is taken from the Korean word for star.


Viola Solid Gold Huggie Hoops

The loveliest little huggie hoops, these stunning earrings feature are perfect for your seconds, thirds and even helix piercings. Inspired by our cult favourite Serah and Renne Baguette Huggie Hoops from our Limited Edition La Femme Collection, these hoops are of the same textured design but made in a dazzling solid gold and ever so slightly smaller.


Fahari Solid Gold Pear Gemstone Hoops

A classic gold hoop with a twist, our Fahari Pearl Gemstone Hoops feature a gorgeous pear cut stone to add some timeless bling to your everyday look. The name Fahari comes from the Swahili word for splendour. The design is inspired by the simple joys in life and how even the smallest thing can bring a smile to our face. The pear cut stone is a simple reminder that joy and happiness can always be found.


Ingrid Solid Gold Chain Stud

A timeless classic, the Ingrid Solid Gold Chain Stud will make a gorgeous addition to your ear stack. Wear her on your helix or lobe piercings. Similar to our Delia Pearl Drop Stud, the Ingrid Solid Gold Chain Stud was created to add some dimension and texture to your ear stack without being too glitzy. She is minimal, she is grace, she is our beloved Ingrid Solid Gold Chain Stud.


Grace Solid Gold Hoops (Medium & Small)

The perfect everyday hoops, the Grace Solid Gold Hoops were designed to be worn all day everyday! Inspired by our cult favourite Ivy Hoops, these timeless Solid Gold Hoops were designed to be your go to everyday earrings. Made with solid gold, these hoops are perfect for all our sensitive or healing ear friends. 


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