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S-kin Studio Christmas Party 2022

S-kin Studio Christmas Party 2022

As the Christmas season approaches, the S-kin Studio team ventures to the vineyards in Yarra Valley, Victoria, for an intimate dinner and some team bonding to end the year! 

We began our Christmas party at The Stones of the Yarra Valley, where we sipped on local wine and ate a delicious four course meal! The scenery and atmosphere of the vintage farmhouse setting with native greenery and Christmas decorations made our experience extra memorable. There we also exchanged our Kris Kringle/ Secret Santa gifts, took some fun disposable film photos and reminisced about the year so far. 


After dinner, we headed to the Yarra Valley Lodge where we stayed for the night. We each got settled into our rooms, changed into our pyjamas, and then it was time to play some team building games! 

We started off with some extensive trivia, covering pop culture, food, movies and even about each other! Then played a grown up version of Pass the Parcel with prizes (and penalties!) ranging from “Take a Shot” to $50 gift cards.

After testing our knowledge, it was time to test our physical strength! We were split up into two teams - Team Ecommerce and Team Marketing - to battle it out on which team is the strongest. We played various iterations of “Flip Cup” (flip an upside down cup the right side up the fastest, and stacking cups using a balloon), “Junk in the Trunk” (fastest person to remove all the ping pong balls inside a tissue box attached to your back wins), and the “Candle Blowing” game (whoever blows the most candles win) in order to win several prizes! 

The night was filled with laughter and fun memories we will never forget. We hope you all enjoy your Christmas holidays, and we cannot wait to come back in the new year!

Love, S-kin Studio team 💖

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