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Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner! This week the S-kin Studio team are making handmade gifts for our mums and thought we would share some ideas around making last minute gifts for mum, often the handmade gifts are so much more meaningful!


This year Eloise is making her mum a handmade card to go with her jewellery gift to mum. "Since I live in the country where there are many wild florals I thought I would make mum a handmade pressed flower card!" Not sure how to make pressed flowers? Read up on our pressed flower tutorial here. Once you have your pressed flowers it's easy to glue down on a piece of hardy paper and write your love notes for Mum inside!


Even though my mum is in Vietnam and I can't be with her this Mother's Day, I'm going to cook one of my mum's recipes and send her a photo of Alex and I so she doesn't miss us too much! I'm also getting my brother (who is still living in Vietnam) to make her a card and some flowers to go with them. 

If you are unlike me and will be seeing your mum this Sunday, I would recommend reading some of the DIY ideas below!


My present idea is super simple! I printed out a photo of my mum's favourite bird, super quick and easy at your local printer; I got mine printed at our local Officeworks. I also got her a frame, and popped the bird print in. I'm going to gift this with her favourite candle - which I'm sure if you are savvy you could probably make this too! :)


Since we usually go for brunch or dinner every year to celebrate Mother's Day, I thought I would make an at home brunch for mum this year! My go to brunch ideas are:

  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Hashbrowns
  • Numerous smoothies or juices
  • French toast
  • Scones
  • Acai bowls
  • Instagram worthy fruit platters 

Some last minute DIY ideas for Mother's Day

A DIY card is always a great idea, but if you are wanting to go further and make mum something she would treasure, here are some ideas on last minute DIY gifts!


Air drying clay is the easiest to go here if you don't have proper ceramic tools - we get ours from Bunnings, or your local art store. They are easy to be molded into whatever shape you like, and once dried (they take about 24 hours), they can be a cute ornament! Think tealight candle holders, incense holders, trinket dish, and clay models or cute ornaments. Since air drying clay can't be wet, make sure whatever you make will be kept dry!


Let your creativity run wild with this one! A little ink, watercolour, or even colouring pencils can go a long way to make mum's new favourite painting. Does she have a favourite animal? A favourite place? Is one of her walls bare and she's been wanting to fill it with something? Or perhaps a cute reminder for her bedside table? We've popped some inspiration of painting ideas for your next painting below.




Baked goods

Baked goods in iso? I mean... need I say more? While I'm sure the general choc chip cookies will make mum shout with glee, why not try your hand at making something more gourmet? Below are some of our favourite recipes for impressing mum. Of course, if you can't get to Mum on Sunday, skip this idea! Or maybe not, baking is fun anyway.

The Best Fudgy Brownies

Raw Caramel Slice

Matcha Green Tea Mochi Cookies


Do you have a plant that's overgrown like mine below? Gift Mum a plant! Purchase a small to medium pot, then fill it with potting mix - we used this one from Bunnings. Then use scissors to cut your desired stem - you want to choose a stem that has a newer leaf and is at a node where roots can easily stem from. Generally you want them to be about the same height as the pot. I then followed these tips to make sure my cutting is ready for growth. 


What are some of your favourite DIY gift ideas? What are you gifting mum this year? If you are stuck for ideas, we offer gift cards which can be sent straight to your inbox and ready for gifting!

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful & amazing mothers :)

The S-kin Studio Team 


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