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How to Press & Style Dried Flowers

How to Press & Style Dried Flowers

To celebrate the launch of our Fleur collection, we decided we wanted to do something fun to celebrate the launch! Whilst many of us are at home, creating really beautiful pressed and dried flowers you can use in so many different ways is such a fun activity that we wanted to share! We are going to give you an easy step-by-step guide on how to make them in just a few steps.

Support your local florists

Before starting your pressed flowers, we highly recommend that you support your local florists and markets. You'll find they'll have the most beautiful florals to choose from. Just a quick internet search can help find the small businesses in your area.

Our favourites are: Sugar Moon Blooms (NSW), White Grove House (QLD), Terra and Tassel (VIC).

What you will need:

  • Flowers of your choice
  • A flower press, we used this one by Sow n Sow!
If you do not have a flower press, there is an alternative way you can do this!
  • A piece of paper (or multiple if you’re making them in them in bulk)
  • A couple/few heavy weighted books

How to: The 'Flower Press' method

  1. Unscrew your flower press from all fours and open to have it ready to spread your flowers on it.
  2. Choose the flowers that you want to press and place them on one side of the flower press. Just imagine how you lay your flowers is how your end result will appear. If you're wanting more flat-laid flowers, ensure the stemming at the back is trimmed. You can use the layers on the flower press to have multiple flowers flattened at one time
  3. Once you have chosen your flowers and laid them out in the layers, place the other side of the flower press on, and screw tightly to ensure the flattening process.
  4. Wait up to one week for the flowers to have dried and flatten out.
  5. Voilà! Begin to use your imagination to create whatever you wish with your final pieces!

We are loving using our pressed flowers creation and turning them into art!

How to: The 'Paper and Book' method

  1. Grab a piece of paper, make a fold half way and open the paper up.
  2. Choose the flowers that you wish to press and put them against the first half of the paper.
  3. Close your piece of paper and place the folded paper with the flowers inside of a heavy weighted book. We recommend adding another heavy weighted book on top to ensure they will be flattened.
  4. Wait a total of one week for the flowers to have dried and flatten out.
  5. Voilà! Begin to style and create whatever your heart desires!

Style tips and what can you do with pressed flowers

There a few cute little ways we have found to style up your beautiful pressed flowers. Here are just a few creative ideas as to what you can do with your creations when you're finished!

  • Getting yourself a clear phone case and gluing them on the inside for a DIY dried flower phone case.
  • Framing them as art!
  • Using them as biodegradable confetti at weddings.
  • Tying in dried flowers with your embroidery art.
  • Incorporating dried flowers into your journaling to create a vintage effect.
  • Gluing them to handmade book marks.
  • Placing them in your hair to add a personal touch to your vintage to your look.
  • Create handmade cards for your occasion.
  • Using them to decorate your cakes for a more floral appearance (being sure to take them off before eating).
  • Creating a flower arrangement on a piece of paper, gluing them on and framing.
  • *Advanced users only* Using clear resin and the dried flowers to create key chains, necklaces, fridge magnets and coasters. (Many videos online can show how to properly do this.) 

Honestly, the world is at your fingertips by learning this pressed and dried flower craft. There is much you can do, and these are only a few suggestions! 


We really hope you love this idea to craft such beautiful delicate pressed flowers. Don't forget to tag us on instagram @skinstudioj_ to show us your dainty creations! :)


The S-kin Studio Team x

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Wow! These ideas are so cool and beautiful! I can’t wait to try it too! 🥰🥺💕

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