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5 Things You Can Do In The Comfort of Your Own Home

5 Things You Can Do In The Comfort of Your Own Home

So, a lot of us probably have some downtime at the moment during this self-isolation period. We thought at S-kin Studio that we'd give you some ideas to make the most out of a sticky situation. Whether covering self-care or being savvy, we have definitely got you covered. Here are 5 things you can do in the comfort of your own home!

Declutter. But doing good while doing so!

We are so environmentally cautious at S-kin, taking the initiative to (quite literally) reduce, reuse and recycle. Or more like upcycle! Use this time to tidy your space and declutter what you feel as though you don't need. My personal favourite method is the: Donate, sell, or upcycle three pile method. What can I give or donate that would make someone else happy? If you're saving for something, what can be sold to achieve your financial goals? And, what can be fixed up or put to better use? My personal favourite suggestions are is whipping out the sewing machine and upcycling clothes I've bought from the op shop, or painting mugs I don't use anymore to replant little windowsill plants. Pretty cute huh? 

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 We love this upcycle idea by @augustobm!

Supporting your small local businesses!

    It's a tough time for small businesses at the moment. But we know how you can make a massive impact that will make someone smile! Get a head of the game by purchasing your occasional gifts early or purchasing vouchers that are ready when you need them. Buy online through their website rather than in-store to avoid the busy crowd. Even interacting with your favourite small businesses online! Everything counts!

    We love Rina's floral creations! If you are local to Melbourne, she also ships her creations for free.


    Brush up on your cooking skills to try out new recipes.

      One thing we stress to mention is being mindful of what is happening around us. Something I love doing is creating a challenge for myself of what I can make using only a couple of ingredients. Or looking through the pantry and seeing what you can make with what you have. Home-made gnocchi is a winner in my house hold! Using potato, flour, pasta sauce, a few leaves of basil and a dash of salt. Easy peezy! 

      We love recipes from @recipearce!


      Come up with a new self-care routine.

        We all love a bit of a pamper here and there, but why not make it an everyday thing? Catching up on mindfullness, applying that face mask or brushing up on how you get ready in the morning or finish of the night. I always get up early and fit a bit of mediation in to start the day. Then at night, putting on a great face mask to cleanse my skin. Another great idea is styling up a routine of when you pop on your jewelry. Whether that be for the morning or for a night out, take the time to style yourself and work out your next look! Oh, and don't forget to tag us on instagram @skinstudioj_ if you post it! ;)


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        Decision decision... 💭

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         We spy S-kin jewels on @heyhegia's morning routine!


        Catch up on a good book... or podcast!

          Despite having the news at our finger tips, sometimes it's good to distance ourselves away for a few hours to get on track of other things we can catch up on! An amazing way to declutter your mind is to just sit down with a cuppa and a great book. Or audio book if you prefer a good listen! Personally, I've been loving podcasts at the moment! Sitting in a quiet space, practising mindfullness to destress, and a podcast in the background. It's so peaceful to be able to disconnect and catch up on ourselves.

          We hope that your love our ideas of what you can do in this time. Let us know if you've done any of them and what you like to do when you're at home!


          The S-kin Studio team x

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