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Your Flower According to Your Birth Month

Your Flower According to Your Birth Month

Ever wondered what your birth month says about you? And what flower represents you and your birth month? Our Bloom collection was inspired by how the language of flowers can translate to your own personality, according to the birth month you are born in.


January | Carnation 

The Carnation woman is ever so elegant and can charm anyone with just a simple glance. Known for its ruffled, multi-layered, feathery petals coming in hues of pink and purple to yellow and white, the carnation is a sight to behold. Like their women, these resilient flowers may seem delicate, but are strong and can stand the test of time. The rich history of the carnation dates back over 2000 years, with half of its scientific name, dianthus, translating to “flower of the gods” in Greek. Its clove-like scent lends it a sweet yet spicy aroma, an alluring trait Carnation women hold. The Carnation woman embodies divine love, deep gratitude and fascination. She is endlessly caring and has a healing presence to those around her, helping relieve the stress and anxiety of those she loves.  


February | Violet/Iris

The Violet woman is a lifelong companion, someone that will undoubtedly be by your side through thick and thin. She’s someone you can tell your deepest secrets to and someone you can count on for words of wisdom. Don’t underestimate a violet’s small, heart-shaped petals. Its striking blue-purple tones are undeniably eye-catching; you know you can’t miss a Violet woman. Violets were first cultivated by the Ancient Greeks for wine, food sweeteners, medicine and as an ingredient in love potions. They’ve evolved to represent a wealth of attributes, from modesty to loyalty to humility. With its delicate petals and flirty scent, a Violet woman is a pioneer of truth. The purple petals are thought to send a message, whispering, “I’ll always be true” to those closest to her. 



March | Daffodil 

Sunshine, spring days, bare feet on fresh dewed grass – that’s what comes to mind when you think of a Daffodil woman. These free spirits are blessed with the optimism of new beginnings; daffodils are traditionally the first spring flower to bloom after a cold winter season. Daffodils are known for their bright yellow trumpet-like structure on a bed of large, star-shaped petals. It’s no surprise that Daffodil women ooze joy, cheerfulness and friendliness. Daffodil women are faithful, not unlike their flowering counterparts that rebloom, without fail, year after year. If you’re lucky enough to have a Daffodil woman in your life, you can count on a resilient and dependant companion no matter what.



April | Daisy 

Spent your childhood picking daisies? There’s a high chance you’re a joyful, carefree and bubbly soul. The Daisy woman carries around a particular kind of lightness; you’ll often find her with a bounce in her step. Mostly known for its dainty white petals surrounding a fluffy yellow centre, daisies are symbolic of purity and childhood innocence. Just picture a handwoven daisy chain – they’re reflective of a Daisy woman’s desire to always help others. Those with a Daisy woman in their life know that she's a happy-go-lucky gal, always spreading happiness and cheer where possible. The daisy is representative of loyal love and is said to convey the message “I’ll never tell.” She’s the kind of friend that pinkie swears and keeps her promises. 



May | Hawthorn

A woman born in May has the unique hawthorn flower as her birth flower. These small white and pink flowers bloom with a distinct five petals and a bright centre. You’ll typically find these flowers on plants or bushes, with the Hawthorn tree being known for their longevity and their impressive lifespan of over 400 years. Among its foliage and thorny branches, birds can safely make their nests, symbolic of how the hawthorn flower represents fertility and family. The Hawthorn woman is resilient and hopeful through testing times and tribulations. With a subtle honey-like scent, hawthorns are a symbol of supreme happiness. Selfless and self-sacrificing, a Hawthorn woman wishes only the best for those around her. A true altruistic heart of gold. 



June | Rose

Everything’s coming up roses, especially for women born in June. Venus is the Roman goddess of love, sex, beauty and fertility – and the rose is her flower. There’s no surprise that Rose women are natural romantics who wear their heart on their sleeves. Beauty, faith and devotion are traits associated with these passionate blooms and they have come to symbolise love in its purest form. Its sweet fragrance and timeless charm isn’t only reserved for romantic love. Coming in shades of orange, pink, red, white and yellow, a rose’s meaning changes depending on its colour. Like Rose women, they are multi-faceted and complex individuals. They hold a fiery edge and are destined to live a passion-filled life.



July | Lotus

The lotus flower has evolved to be a powerful emblem in both Western and Eastern philosophy. Women born in July are lucky enough to hold the lotus as their birth flower, meaning that they have the strength of perseverance flowing through their blood. The Lotus woman has a pure, open heart, mirroring the same way a lotus flower opens effortlessly on a lily pad. It’s not all sunshine and roses though; Lotus women tend to battle their fair share of hardships. A lotus’ roots are in deep, muddy waters, and in order to blossom, it must propel itself through the murky waters in search of sunlight. And when it does – it is a sight to behold; the lotus transforms into magnificent, flourishing beauty. Like its flower, Lotus women are determined, perseverant and provide hope that something beautiful can grow from suffering. 



August | Poppy

The Poppy woman is deeply reflective and pensive, her head is always in the clouds or thinking back to the past. In their signature splash of bold red, poppies are a symbol of remembrance and honour. Poppy women will form deep connections with loved ones and be highly empathetic and in touch with their emotions. They can read other people like a book. While various colours of poppies signify different qualities from pleasure to success to consolation, poppies are also a symbol of imagination. A Poppy woman has a fascination with the unknown and is endlessly curious about the world around her. She treads lightly on the world, inspiring every being she encounters. 



September | Morning Glory

The early bird catches the worm – and a glimpse at the vivid morning glory flowers. Coming in a range of deep blue hues and striking purples and bright pinks, morning glories generally close their petals later in the day and open back up when touched by the morning’s rays of sunlight. A Morning Glory woman is a go-getter and a romantic at heart. She’s never afraid to make the first move and is guided by gut instinct. Morning glories are an emblem of intimate love, spontaneity and deep affection. If you have a Morning Glory woman close to you, you know that she lives and loves to the fullest, never wasting a precious moment. Morning glories teach us how to love openly and fiercely, even if it may be temporary. 



October | Marigold

You’ll be able to spot a marigold, and a Marigold woman, from a mile away. Rich and intense in colour, marigolds have delicate, daisy-like petals and are a stop-stopping kind of flower. A Marigold woman’s warm and fierce personality is infectious; she’s one of a kind. A marigold’s vibrant orange hue is native to the Mediterranean; no wonder a Marigold woman has an insatiable pull towards the sea and sunshine. Her cheerful and joyous personality is welcoming – and you can guarantee you’ll have a friend in her that is devoted and loyal. Like the marigold plant, a Marigold woman is strong, hardy and can stand the test of time. She’s the type of girl you’ll find barefoot among the salty rocks, waving at everyone she passes.



November | Chrysanthemum 

Intricate and complex, chrysanthemums are versatile and unassumingly practical. These pom pom shaped flowers feature voluminous petals in colours of yellow, pink, red and white. The name is a portmanteau of the words “chrysos” meaning gold and “anthemon” meaning flower. Contrary to belief, chrysanthemums are made up of groupings of many small flowers, symbolic of a Chrysanthemum woman’s dedication to friendship and loyalty. She is an anchor of hope and joy, the friend you go to for advice and support. The chrysanthemum flower has been traditionally used as a herbal remedy and also absorbs pollutants and toxins from its environment. You know you’re in safe and healing hands when you’re with a Chrysanthemum woman – she’s the first to offer a cup of tea and a warm smile.



December | Poinsettia 

Festivities, joy and laughter surround those born in December. With the poinsettia as their birth flower, December women are blessed with generosity, humour and cheer. Also known as the “Christmas Stars,” poinsettias feature bold red and green star-shaped foliage – it’s no wonder that their scientific name, euphorbia pulcherrima, translates to “very beautiful.” A Poinsettia woman is the life of the party, she’s charismatic, confident and engaging. Celebration comes second nature to these women, you can find her filling up people’s drinks or dancing with her friends or laughing away with strangers. Once you have a Poinsettia woman in your life, you’ll be continually drawn back to her infectious personality.

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