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What I learnt from team Spiritual Workshop

What I learnt from team Spiritual Workshop

Last Friday the S-kin Studio team had the opportunity to experience a group Spiritual Awakening Workshop hosted by Psychic Medium, Tarot Consultant and Healer, Nigel Eru.

Spiritual Awakening Workshop | Nigel EruNigel is a talented medium, who specialises in communicating with ancestors and passed loved ones to assist with spiritual readings. Every medium and reader practices differently, and for Nigel, his preferred method of channelling messages from the Spirit world is by working with Spirit Guides. 


We began our spiritual awakening by Nigel cleansing our team with Palo Santo sticks, which is a wood used for centuries by healers for purifying and cleansing negative energy. He then asked all of us to pick a crystal that he had brought to hold during our first meditation. Nigel and the team gathered around in a circle and we all closed our eyes, feet flat on the ground, completely relaxed as he began the meditation. He started with a protection prayer to keep our space safe and secure and then continued with a combination of breathing and visualisation meditation. 


This was my first meditation experience, and it was quite surprising that I was able to become relaxed and open. I was able to envision all the words Nigel had said and felt completely grounded. The rest of the team has done some form of meditation before, either through breathing exercises or yoga, but they too were amazed to see and picture Nigel’s words come to life. 


After the meditation, he pulled out a bag of crystals where we each blindly chose one. Chi (Founder & creative director) and Sam (Logistics & customer service coordinator) both got clear quartz, while Nicole (Marketing coordinator) and Haleena (Retail assistant & jewellery maker) picked out a black tourmaline. I, however, picked out a citrine which coincidentally was in a similar pale-yellow colour as the crystal I chose during the meditation!

 Spiritual Awakening Workshop | Meditation Tools | Tuning Forks | Singing BowlsIn the next activity in the workshop, we had the chance to use various tuning forks and singing bowls onto each other to further relax and ground the body. Nigel told us to use our spirit guides to help with where we would place our hands and what tools we should use. 


For this part of the workshop, I had a hard time trying to communicate with my spirit guides. I was quite lost, but fortunately, Nigel guided me in what I needed to do. When using the tuning forks and singing bowls, it radiated a frequency and vibration that helps with healing in the body. I particularly enjoyed the sounds it made and how they made me feel. It was an entirely new experience for me, in both performing and receiving meditation using singing bowls and tuning forks, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

Spiritual Awakening Workshop | Meditation | Singing bowl

For the last hour, Nigel taught us the many ways of performing a tarot reading. Tarot readings can differ depending on the reader, and for Nigel, his readings are assisted by his spirit guides. He first explained the various elements and meanings behind the cards within a tarot deck. A tarot deck is comprised of Suits, Constellations, and Courts.


Suits: The four suits are also called the Minor Arcana 

Wands - Fire (Desire)

Cups - Water (Emotions & Feelings)

Swords - Air (Intellect)

Pentacles/Coins - Earth 


Constellations: There is a Major Acarna symbol in the centre of each constellation

The Magician - Principle of Manifestation 

The High Priestess - Principle of Intuition 

The Empress - Principle of Abundance 

The Emperor - Principle of Leadership

The Hierophant - Principle of Wisdom

The Lovers -Principle of Relationships

The Chariot - Principle of Determination

The Strength - Principle of Resilience 

The Hermit - Principle of Reflection


Court: The most complex cards within the deck. 

Within a Suit features a King, Queen, Knight and Page - these are considered as the court cards. These cards may represent the recipient, another person, and/or quality relating to the Suit. 

Spiritual Awakening Workshop | Love Reading | Career Reading | Tarot Reading

Nigel then began the reading. He first shuffles the deck of cards, hands it over to the recipient to re-shuffle and asks them to split the deck into three. He then tells you to put the deck back together again in any order.  He first performs a relationship/love reading. Since the recipient is in a relationship, the reading also provides some insight into the partner. If the recipient is single, the spread would look different to the one Nigel performed. The second reading Nigel conducted was a career reading. The spread for this is much more complicated than the previous, with many piles and cards used. 


Simple or not, both readings were still detailed and accurate with the recipient's current relationship or situation. It was honestly quite shocking how Nigel was able to gather correct information about the recipient through the cards and his spirit guides. Most of the information he received is not public knowledge, so it was even more astounding! 


The team Spiritual Awakening Workshop was quite the experience for everyone. It taught us so much about spirituality, meditation and the many forms of tarot reading. Since we recently launched our Tarot Collection, it was nice to gain more knowledge on the tarot world and experience it first-hand. We would like to thank Nigel Eru for providing us with a safe space to learn and experience spirituality. This is an experience we will all remember forever! 

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