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Upcycle Old Jars: How to DIY Terracotta Pots

Upcycle Old Jars: How to DIY Terracotta Pots

If you have found yourself in a bit of a time crunch for Mother's Day or if you simply want to revive some old jars or vases, we have the solution for you. Try our transformational DIY Terracotta Pots trick! Requiring minimal time and material, this easy jar or vase upcycle will be sure to impress. 

Terracotta Pots DIY

What you will need:

- Paint (We used Dulux Venetian Pink and Discretion)

- Paint Brush 

- Assortment of glass or ceramic jars and vases 

- Baking Soda 

- Plastic container or cup to mix the paint solution

How to make DIY Terracotta Pots

For the paint, we simply went to our local Bunnings and chose directly from the colour wall and had it made on the spot. Any regular indoor paint will also do the job. 

To make the paint solution, mix 1-2 Teaspoons of baking soda into every 1/3 - 1/2 cup of paint. Ensure the baking soda is mixed in well to avoid bumps and lumps when painting later. 

How to make Terracotta Pots

Start by painting each vase or jar with 1 layer of the paint solution. It does not really matter if it's not perfect as we will apply 2 more layers to each. However, to avoid streaks or lumpiness we recommend painting in an up and down motion. Allow to dry before applying your second and third layer. As they dry, you will notice that they will mattify slightly to create that terracotta illusion.

How to make DIY Terracotta Pots

And then voila, you have yourself so brand-new vases to gift or decorate your home with! We chose to style ours with pampas grass to compliment the overall neutral tone. If you are really feeling your creative juices flowing, you can choose to paint each jar or vase with your own design or pattern for something totally unique. 

How to make Terracotta Pots

How to  DIY Terracotta Pots

If Terracotta vases is not your thing, we have a couple of other DIYs you can try. Check out our Pressed Flower Tutorial. Utilising the native flowers in your region, you can create an exceptionally beautiful gift for mum. 
Last year we tried our hand in some very simply DIY ceramics and created some fun candle and trinket holders. Read about how we transformed air dry clay into these cute clay keepsakes here

DIY Gift Ideas

And if all else fails, you can always try you hand at baking! One of our absolute favourite gifting desserts is Vegan Portuguese custard tarts. It takes a hot minute to put together, but my golly is it worth it! Delicious, different and very much from the heart. Try our favourite recipe from Lazy Cat Kitchen

Baked Goods for Gifting

If you've truly left it to the last minute, we recommend picking up some delectable goodies from our neighbours at A Lot of Good Stuff. Specialising in preserves, biscuits and a wonderful selection of cakes, Alison and her team are sure to be able to load you up with some gift worthy goodies! 

We hope you enjoyed our DIY gift idea recommendations. Let us know in the comments if you have any go to DIY projects up your sleeve, we'd love to know. Whatever you create, we are certain that the lucky recipient will appreciate it no matter what. Sending you all our love and good vibes! 

The S-kin Studio Team 💖

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