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S-kin Muses - Sarah Lamkin (@girlnacoma)

S-kin Muses - Sarah Lamkin (@girlnacoma)

S-kin Studio Jewelry takes inspiration from all sources - be it nature, peace, or just the general movement of people in all paces of life. Today I'm starting a diary of sorts to document what we get inspired by every day here at S-kin, and our first post features beautiful earthling Sarah Lamkin, of @girlnacoma.

Sarah is wearing our Silver Elsa Hoops


Sarah is a country gypsy at heart; she can be seen at the local farmer's market, twirling in dresses under the Australian sun, and bling'd out in jewels and bags from the likes of India. We caught up with Sarah to see what she gets up to during her day, and what inspires her creative and work life.

Dress | Hoop Earrings


What does your work day look like?

Warm 3 way spooning with my partner and pup followed by pilates and coffee! Then either working from home or I head into one of the fashion brands I work for. I’m currently a freelance design/production assistant, so every day is never the same! 

How do you keep inspired?

Apart from the usuals: Film, Music, Art & Nature, trying new things even if they seem daunting at the time. I usually pleasantly surprise myself in what I can accomplish if I just give it a go. That's definitely something that's kept me inspired in all kinds of ways.





What's your 3 must haves or must dos on your list at the moment?

Travel through New Zealand in a van
Turn our home into a farm
Successfully launch our lingerie label Miyako. ( @miyakoofficial)


    What made you choose what you do?

    My mum taught me how to sew when I was younger, and I was always infatuated by vintage clothing. So when I gave up ballet, it was a no brainer for me to get to university and study fashion!


    What plans do you have for the future?

    I'm currently working on a special project with a good friend of mine that will launch later on this year. Apart from that just living happily, surrounded by my beautiful partner, family and friends and as much travel as possible.



    Stay tuned for more of S-kin Diaries....

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