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How to Choose Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

How to Choose Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

Gold jewelry is having a moment right now, and so is rose gold, but should you wear it? I've always gravitated towards silver jewelry, but couldn't quite understand why it looked better on me than other metals.



The above depend a lot on the colour spectrum and of course your skin undertones can determine whether or not you will look good with certain metals.

For me, I am a cool to neutral undertone and so silver looks best on me. If you have warm undertones, gold will be more suitable, and those with neutral undertones will benefit from being able to wear all three (gold, silver, and rose gold).


Nataly wears our Bridget Heart Necklace in 14K Gold-fill


If you have a pink undertone, stay clear of rose gold as it will bring out your red/pinkish hue. In contrast if you have yellow undertones, silver will look better on you than gold.


Motty wears silver very well as she has yellow skin undertones


You can also think about pairing the right gemstones for your skin. For cool skin tones, bright pops of colours such as turquoise, citrine, amethyst are beautiful colours for you as it stands out on your cool skin. Earthy gemstone colours such as emerald, ruby are suitable for warm skin tones as it matches the yellow undertones on warm skin tones.


Neutral stones such as cubic zirconia or diamonds are great for everyone

Pictured here: Alessandra necklace | Everly ring


Regardless, it is no longer faux pas to mix metals or to experiment with different metals. So go wild, experiment with different metals and even mix and match them! I personally love layering gold and silver rings to create a boho, effortless stack, and stick to layering same colours for necklaces or earrings.



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