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Life Update with Founder, Chi Mai - May

Life Update with Founder, Chi Mai - May

Happy May! I’m back with a life update in what seems like a year of so many amazing changes. I became a Mum this past March - say hello to Felix! Here’s how life has been for me with a new-born…

Life Update | Founder, Chi Mai - May

A little back story into the birth of Felix… while he was due for the 10th he took a little bit longer to arrive on the 15th! It was a natural birth for me but I had a little hiccup with my placenta *also* being stubborn & sending me to the theatre for manual removal (yikes!) All in all though I’m super grateful to have the support of Alex during my birth and having Felix at the end of the day was all the courage I needed.

Life Update | Founder, Chi Mai - May

As any first time mum knows, the first few days of mum life is so hard yet so rewarding, you’re constantly learning new things - breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, new-born care - all the while soaking in all the magical moments of having a new baby. Breastfeeding has been such a journey for me; I’m definitely grateful for being able to breastfeed Felix after much difficulty! Alex has been able to also be a part of that journey and seeing him being able to have dad-baby bonding time really makes my heart sing.

Life Update | Founder, Chi Mai - May

Now onto my other baby… haha! While being on maternity leave I really missed working (typical Virgo trait, haha, what can you do). We made a decision as a family before I went on maternity leave for me to return to work earlier while Alex parents for a few months at home, and I’m so glad to have that support from him, as I’ve had so much newfound inspiration and motivation from my time off to work on growing S-kin. I’m excited to design new pieces (hint: I’m working on a new category this year!) and continue to lead the rest of the amazing S-kin family–both our staff and our community through the rest of the year.

Life Update | Founder, Chi Mai - May

What’s next for me? Balancing life as a parent and a business owner is the challenge I’m currently facing - all the while making time for myself and Alex as well. But small steps right?! Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing Mums out there - whether or not you are a first time mum like me, or a mum to five kids, or fur babies, we are amazing! I hope you take the time to celebrate this time for yourself, and spoil those women around you who inspire you.

Much love,

Chi xo

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