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BEHIND THE DESIGN - Ancientiera Collection

BEHIND THE DESIGN - Ancientiera Collection

At S-kin, we always strive to create designs that are lifetime heirlooms. Ancientiera is no different, as it's a collection that is inspired by the past, woven with modern details of the present, to be collected and treasured for future generations to come. Welcome to Behind the Design of our Ancientiera collection.

Flora - the Goddess of Flowers

flora goddess necklace

Ancientiera as a collection started from this hero piece. I wanted to encapsulate spring - a time of renewal and re-energising, with the ideas of encrusted gemstones portraying bouquets of flowers. Flora was born, inspired by the Roman goddess of flowers, fertility, and spring. Fun fact, this pendant took nearly two years to complete and went through over 8 iterations as I wanted her to look perfect! Flora features an organic, textured finish, but unique in the way that is a modern take to your typical religious totems we've seen over the years.

The Kiss - Romance at its peak 

The story of Psyche is one of iconic significance - arguably the epitome of romance - is what inspired me to create this organic piece. The Kiss is modelled after the infamous sculpture by Antonio Canova 'Psyche Revived By Cupid's Kiss' and is the utmost symbol of romance. A piece of art to behold, she's your spark of inspiration and love infused in your every day.

Calliope - The Muse of Epic Tales

Calliope Muses Ring

Hercules - both the infamous Disney series and the mythology figure - has no doubt been a big part of a lot of our 90's kids' childhood. Inspired by ancient Roman architecture, the Calliope ring features the Muse of Epic Tales, Calliope, holding up a marble column. She instills a sense of modern femininity with a nod to ancient Roman art and mythology surrounding the Muses.

Meraki - The art of every day

Meraki Hieroglyphic Ring

'Meraki' stands for doing something with soul, creativity, or love. I wanted to create a stacking ring that reminds us of the beautiful in every day, in a style that is inspired by hieroglyphs - where letters are etched into the ring like ancient stories woven inside pyramids and sculptures.

Meraki is part of Volume II of our Ancientiera collection, launching June 8. 

Nile - Celebrating the ebbs and flows of life

The Nile Twist Gold Filled Ring

Growing up reading about ancient Egyptian culture, the Nile river being such a monumental part of life, I wanted to incorporate the sense of continuity, the ebbs and flows of the river - the circle of life. The never-ending twist in the Nile ring is a celebration of that, and is a reminder that everything that happens is meant to be.

Nile is part of Volume II of our Ancientiera collection, launching June 8.

Giza - the Seven Wonders

Pyramid of Giza Ring

When speaking of the ancient world you can't not mention the beauty of the Seven Wonders - the oldest of which the Pyramid of Giza. Ancient Egyptians sledding tons of stone to make a structure never seen before - there is a sense of heroism and awe in the making of Giza. Each Giza ring features ridged stone-like texture found on the pyramid, and embedded stones that symbolize Giza still standing up to this day against strikes of time.

Giza is part of Volume II of our Ancientiera collection, launching June 8.

Artemis - Goddess of the Moon

Artemis Goddess Moon Earrings

Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She is the Greek goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the Moon, and chastity. The Artemis Studs is a piece that is playful, with vintage-inspired details that Artemis herself would embody.

Artemis is part of Volume II of our Ancientiera collection, launching June 8.

Python - For where there is light, there is also darkness

Python Snake Earrings

The snake in ancient mythology has always been a symbol of villainy - the story of Medusa being the most well-known. However, the Python itself is not evil, in fact it is an apotropaic symbol used to protect from and ward off darkness - an image of evil to repel evil. Placed next to the pure freshwater pearl, the Python hoops is a symbolic totem meant to safeguard you against darkness in the every day light.

Python is part of Volume II of our Ancientiera collection, launching June 8.

Which piece from Ancientiera has resonated with you the most? 

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