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In Conversation With - Selina Yang

In Conversation With - Selina Yang

The face of our recent collection campaign, you're sure to have Selina Yang's face across all our Lunar collection material! Gorgeous from the inside out, we recently got the chance to chat with Selina about how she got her start in the modelling industry and how she feels being part of the new wave of models that is moving towards greater representation and inclusivity. 

How did you get started in modelling and what inspired you to pursue this career path?

To be honest, I never saw modelling in the cards for me. Being the Leo that I am, I’ve always dreamed of seeing myself on billboards and magazines but from a young age knew that I would be too short for the modelling industry so it was never something I actively pursued.

It just so happened that a couple of years ago, I was contacted by Sportsgirl via Instagram to cast for a nationwide campaign. I was fortunate enough to be selected as the model for the campaign and by chance, my boyfriend sat next to my now agent from Vivien’s at a Football game the same week I shot that campaign. Apparently quite a few girls from Vivien’s casted for the same campaign but was not selected so my agent was curious to meet me as she heard from my boyfriend that I wasn’t signed. It’s funny because my boyfriend told them I was 176cm tall and when I went in for a meeting the following week, they were pretty surprised to say the least. However, they decided to take a chance on me.

I’m pretty sure I’m one of the shortest girl on their books. It’s nice to see the industry slowly changing and letting go of outdated beauty standards and it’s nice to be apart of that change. It also goes to show that we never really know what is “in the cards” for us and what the Universe has in store for our lives. I’m learning to stop writing myself off for certain aspirations that I used to think were out of my reach before even giving myself a chance to try.


What does a typical day for Selina look like?

If I was booked for a shoot that day, I would most likely wake up and eat whatever breakfast food I’m fixated on at the time. Grab a matcha or iced latte to go for my drive to work. Usually shoot anywhere between 4-8 hours and then go home, eat dinner, hang out with my boyfriend and cat, watch Netflix and go to sleep. It’s not very exciting haha.

There is definitely a lot of instability in this line of work, some months are busier than others. If you watch my YouTube vlogs or Tiktok ‘Day in a Life’ videos you’ll see that no day or week is really the same. As much as I disliked the limitations of a 9-5 back when I used to work in Marketing, I do miss the sense of structure it gave to my weeks. So on days I’m not modelling, I try to incorporate some sort of routine that I can stick to. Such as Pilates 3 times a week, acting school every Monday and social media content planning days as well.

You mentioned that you initially began a career in marketing. How did you find working in a more traditional 9-5 role and do you think your skills are transferable to your work? 

Yes, I worked in Marketing for a few years. I was never good at staying in one place for too long. I think it’s my Gemini midheaven but I get bored and outgrow challenges fairly quickly in a working environment. My last marketing role was in the automotive industry and I think if it wasn’t for modelling, my next career move (at the time) probably would’ve been to transition into fashion marketing. I do still love marketing and I’m constantly using it everyday, except now I’m essentially the brand.

What does representation in the modelling industry mean to you?

Representation in modelling means everything. From the view point of being a model, I am grateful that the industry is starting to become more inclusive because with that, the door to so many more opportunities are suddenly open to people like me. From a consumer standpoint, it is also so important for us to feel like we are being properly represented and feel like we can relate to the models we see in the media.

Ever since becoming as model, have you ever had any experiences where you felt particularly proud to be an Asian Australian model?

I get so many messages and DMs from young Asian models who look up to me and ask me for advice. It makes me feel so incredibly grateful and proud to be apart of the growing representation in the modelling industry for Asian Australians.


What advice would you give an aspiring model?

Put yourself out there. Social media is an extremely powerful platform so use it as a tool to showcase what you can do. Also use the platform to network with photographers and build up your confidence in front of the camera. Once you do that, take a leap of faith and start contacting reputable agencies in your city. Make sure you do your research though. My DMs are always open for advice or if you need a pep talk. I WILL HYPE YOU UP!!!

What does the future hold for Selina?

I’ve been modelling for about 2 years now so it’s still quite new and exciting. However, I am working towards being an actress as well as picking up film photography. Who knows if these hobbies will ever become a new career path. To be honest, I’m not thinking too much into it and I’m really just trying to spend my time doing things I actually enjoy at the time. So who knows, in a few years time what that would look like. It’s a long winded way to say, I have zero clues, BUT I am excited to find out.

You can find Selina on Instagram @selina.yangg

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