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Earring Sets Collection Launch Party

Earring Sets Collection Launch Party

Recap: Earring Sets Collection Launch Party

In celebration of the launch of our new Earring Sets Collection, the S-kin Studio Showroom in Cremorne transformed into a dazzling 1920s Great Gatsby-inspired extravaganza! Amidst thrilling games and delectable snacks, our Piercing and Infinite Welded Bracelets Services infused an element of excitement and spontaneity, guaranteeing that this unforgettable night would be etched in our hearts forever.


Our showroom reverberated with joyous laughter and fun throughout the entire night. It was immensely gratifying to witness the genuine enjoyment our games and services has brought to every corner of the crowd.


Our Infinite Bracelet and Piercing services were a hit on the night! What better way to commemorate this remarkable evening than by indulging in a brand-new permanent Infinite Bracelet or Piercing. It was such a sensation that even among our S-kin team, four of us decided to get pierced on the spot! This extraordinary night owes much of its success to our exceptional certified piercer, Sammah, and our talented jeweler, Patricia!

Our Earring Sets Collection Launch Party owes its tremendous success to the extraordinary S-kin Studio team and our incredible guests. Our heartfelt gratitude to all who graced the event and those who have supported us on our launch! We hope that the night left an indelible mark of delight in your hearts, and we can hardly wait to embrace you at our upcoming events!



With Love, 

S-kin Studio Team

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