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10 Money Saving Tips For The New Year

10 Money Saving Tips For The New Year

The new year is here and for the S-kin Studio team this year, we wanted to share some tips from our team on how to be money-savvy this year! While we're no money connoisseur, these tips have helped a lot for our group looking back at our early 20's and counting.

Op shopping

If there is one thing we're a fan of at the office, it's op shopping! We love sharing our thrifty finds and find so much fun in styling old pieces in new ways! Some of our favourites are Red Cross, Sacred Heart, and even Depop or Marketplace! 

Meal Prep

A lot of our team members still live at home, but a fair few of us are renting on our own - and we all know it - the cozzy livs have been through the roof this year. Like since when is bread $6 a loaf? Crazy. 

Obviously the answer is cooking ourselves but who has the energy or time right! Meal prep is kinda the answer, if you have a few hours spare on the weekends it might be a good opportunity to use up your leftovers in the fridge and have a few already prepared meals up your sleeve for the week! Plus, you'll be doing the environment a favour by reducing food waste.

Subscription Audit

Assess your monthly subscriptions and identify those you can live without. From streaming services to magazine subscriptions, cutting back on unnecessary expenses (I'm looking at you, random patreon from five years ago). 

Bike or Walk Instead of Drive

This one is a tricky one depending on where you live. But if you live near the city like some of our team members, it's a good idea to invest in a bike or e-bike (or even e-scooter, if you're braving the CBD madness) to get to and fro. Might be a big investment up front, but there are plenty ways to get around this, like getting one second hand on Marketplace.

Skill exchange

Okok I love this one! This is when you offer to do things in exchange for others doing something for you (for free obvs). For example, if you are a baker, you could bake a cake for your friend's birthday, and your friend can offer to make you some takeaway dinners in exchange. It's a win win!

Make homemade presents

Instead of buying a present, why not make it yourself? We all agree that receiving a homemade present is the best feeling, so definitely add this to the list if you want to save some money on presents! (p.s. we offer our iconic Jewellery Workshops for you to do this in person, where you can make 2 presents for the price of 1!)

DIY Beauty

Instead of splurging on expensive salon treatments, consider embracing the DIY approach. There are numerous online tutorials to guide you through at-home beauty and grooming routines, helping you save money without sacrificing self-care. One that I love this year was my discovery of gel nail stickers! My favourite is from our friends at By Me And Crew - they have so many cute designs!

Up Bank & UBank

If you know, you know! We're not affiliated with online these banks but have found them tremendously helpful for budgeting. There are round-up savings, budget tracking, and personalized financial advice. Making use of these tools can provide valuable insights into your spending habits and help you save effortlessly.

Community Events and Free Activities

Explore the plethora of free or low-cost events happening in your community. Whether it's a local farmers' market, outdoor concerts, or community workshops, participating in these activities can be a great way to socialize without burning a hole in your pocket.

Sell Unwanted Items

Declutter your living space while making some extra cash by selling items you no longer need. Online platforms like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace make it easy to connect with potential buyers. If you have branded items, Depop, eBay or Buy Swap Sell groups are the best place to part with them! 

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