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2023 Manifestations from Chi, S-kin Studio Founder

2023 Manifestations from Chi, S-kin Studio Founder

2022 has gone and it's time for us to once again dive into the new year and all the exciting things it brings. As the creative director and founder of S-kin Studio Jewelry, I am excited to share with you our goals and manifestations for the new year... and some sneak peeks into what we have planned next year!

First and foremost, we are committed to continuing to offer a space for minimal, ethically made jewelry that lasts. We believe in creating pieces that not only look beautiful, but also have a positive impact on the world around us. We will focus this year on refining our offering, strengthening our core collections to provide you with not only the best quality pieces but also meaningful, timeless designs that stand the test of time.

In addition to our core offerings, we are excited to bring S-kin Studio events and experiences to life around the country. These events will be an opportunity for our customers and supporters to connect with us and each other, and to experience the amazing services that we offer at our Cremorne flagship that you know and love. Following the support from our NSW tour, we plan to set up other states' tours in 2023, which is super exciting!

As we reach our five-year anniversary in 2023, we will be taking time to reflect and reiterate our mission, values, and vision for the brand. This will include an updated brand identity that reflects our evolution as a company and our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Of course - 2022 was also the year that I became a mum. So I couldn't help it but also share some of my goals and manifestations for the new year!

As a busy mum and business owner, I am constantly seeking balance in my life. In the coming year, I hope to find better ways to manage my time and be more present for both my team and my family.

One exciting project I am working on is the launch of By S-kin, a new brand within our S-kin Studio umbrella that will focus on lifestyle products. This will be an opportunity for us to expand our offerings and bring our aesthetic and values to a new audience.

Overall, we are excited for the new year and all the opportunities it brings! We hope you will join us on our journey in 2023!

Love always,

Chi xx

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