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Meaning Behind Each Birthstone

Meaning Behind Each Birthstone

The Birthstones Collection is finally live and we are so excited to bring you a hint of meaningful colour to your ear stack! Inspired by each and everyone of you, the Birthstones Collection honours each month of the year by encapsulating their unique colours in two stunning stud designs. 

Cho Butterfly Single Stud

The Cho Butterfly Single Stud

Inspired by the classic shape of a tiny little butterfly. Petite and sparkly, Cho can fit comfortably in all your lobe & helix piercings as well as your forward helix, tragus and conch. She is made in both 14K Solid Gold and 18K Gold Fill. Our 14K Solid Gold Cho Butterfly Stud is a great option for fresh, just healed for really sensitive ears. We offer in-store piercing with our 14K Solid Gold Cho for a stunning and easy addition to your ear stack! 18K Gold Fill Cho is also excellent for a tarnish resistant everyday option that will undoubtedly become a daily favourite! 

Ren Lotus Single Stud

The Ren Lotus Single Stud

Inspired by the timeless shape of the lotus flower, Ren features six petals dotted around the feature cubic zirconia gemstone for a statement sparkle piece. Ren can be worn in all your lobe and helix piercings! She can also be worn in your tragus and conch but she might be a bit large for some. Like Cho, Ren is made in 14K Solid Gold and 18K Gold Fill. Our 14K Solid Gold Ren Lotus Single Stud is suitable to pierce with and is perfect for a luxury earring option. We recommend the 18K Gold Fill version for healed piercings. 

January Garnet Birthstone

January - Garnet 


For all our late Capricorn and early Aquarius babies out there you have been anointed the gorgeous Garnet gemstone as your birth month stone. The Garnet is known for its dark red colour and is often associate with the fire and passion. Those born is January are known to possess lots of creativity and strength. When in possession of a Garnet stone, it is said to bring the owner the ability to balance their energy and harness great passion. 

February - Amethyst

February - Amethyst

A stunning lilac purple colour, all those born in the later part of Aquarius and the early start of Pisces get to enjoy the beauty of the Amethyst as their birthstone. The crystal is often associated with purification and the affiliation with spiritual wisdom. Those born in February are known to be understanding, trusting and grounded. The calmness found in the Amethyst stone is perfect for when you need that extra emotional support or are trying to cleanse of negative energy. 

March - Aquamarine

March - Aquamarine

For those born at the end of the Pisces season and the beginning of the Aries rise, Aquamarine is the stone for you. A gorgeous light sea blue colour, the Aquamarine birthstone often reminds us of the crystal blue waters and sense of calmness and relaxation felt when looking at the sea. With abilities to bring a great sense of hope and truth, those born in March are known to be courageous and good at communication. It's positive energy is sure to bring a sense of clarity for the owner of a Aquamarine stone. 

April - Diamond

April - Diamond

One of the most well-known and famous stones in the world, those born at the end of Aries and the start of Taurus are fortunate enough to name the glamourous diamond as their birthstone! Diamond as a birthstone is known to give it's wearer great inner strength and grace. Often Diamonds are affiliated with romance and love and we couldn't agree more! The typical April baby will live a fruitful and abundant life that will be accompanied by their tenacious attitude. 

May - Emerald

May - Emerald

For the late Taurus babies and the early Gemini gems, this one is for you! The immaculate Emerald stone is an incredible dark green stone that is known to represent regeneration and new growth. One of Cleopatra's favourite gems, the Emerald signifies wisdom and bliss for its wearer. Also known to be gifted for peace and security, we think this subtle hint of colour is the perfect amount of green to add to your everyday ear stack. 

June - Alexandrite

June - Alexandrite

Discovered not that long ago, the Alexandrite stone was originally found in Russia in the 1830's. Known to represent the late Gemini and early Cancer babies, the Alexandrite stone brings fortune and good luck to those born during June. A cute deep pink colour, we think this stone was made for those that not only want to wear pink on Wednesday's. Intellectual and balanced, we all know a June superstar in our life that has been able to calm us through a storm. 

July - Ruby

July - Ruby

A unique deep red colour, the ruby represents passion and purity. The gorgeous Ruby stone is anointed to those born in the late Cancer and early Leo period. Throughout history Rubies have been associated with wealth and value. Known for stimulating the heart chakra, the timeless red of a ruby represents the energy and love felt from all July babies. When we think of a deep red I often think of a killer red velvet lip and how timeless it looks throughout any era of fashion. Frankly put, you simply cannot go wrong with Ruby!

August - Peridot

August - Peridot 

The stone of compassion! Those born in the latter half of Leo and the start of Virgo have been gifted the stone of Peridot. Those born in August are known for representing the strength and balance that is found in the Peridot. Many utilise the Peridot stone to help with nightmares and assist in the delivery of good health and meaningful rest. A light lime green colour, we feel that the colour of the Peridot is much like new growth, hopeful and ready to take on the world.

September - Sapphire

September - Sapphire

A royal blue stone for the deserving queen that is the September baby, the Sapphire stone represents those born in late Virgo and early Libra season. A stone very familiar with many royal families, the Sapphire represents wealth, truth and innocence. Known for calming minds and bringing forward spiritual clarity, those born in September get to relish in the gorgeous deep blue hue that is the Sapphire stone. We simply could not think of a more timeless colour that will be stunning both day and night. 

October - Tourmaline

October - Tourmaline

For those born in late Libra and early Scorpio times, you have been given the stunning Tourmaline gemstone as your birthstone. A beautiful powdery pink colour, Tourmaline is gentle, dainty and compassionate. The uniquely coloured stone is known to attract positive wealth and is useful in times of healing and growth. We understand that the Tourmaline stone is able to shield its owner from negative and unwelcome energies from entering your sacred space and offer a sense of peace during turbulent times. 

November - Topaz

November - Topaz

A very motivating stone indeed! The beautiful light orange hue of a Topaz is known for bringing joy and enlightenment to those that own/wear it. Given to those born in Scorpio and Sagittarius, the Topaz embodies many healing power to support a clear and confident mind. Unlike any other birthstone, the subtleness of the colour can comfortably bring you protection when you need it most. 

December - Blue Topaz

December - Blue Topaz

And last but not least, the Blue Topaz. For those born in late Sagittarius and early Capricorn this special stone is known for alleviating fear and allowing you to trust your power and create your own wealth. The light sky blue colour of a Blue Topaz is subtle yet dazzling in its own right and gives December babies many meaningful benefits. We hope that in harnessing the power of the Blue Topaz, the wearer will have clear sight and trust in their decisions. 

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