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Japan Trip Recap 2023

Japan Trip Recap 2023

Hi lovely, how’s your April going? Back at S-kin Studio, Chi (and Anna) are back from their Japan trip; whereas Nicole is still in Japan enjoying the last of it before she flies off for personal leave! Post-lockdown revenge travel, anyone?

For those who missed out, here’s what Chi and Nicole were up to in Japan the past fortnight whilst launching our limited edition Anime {アニメ} Collection! 

S-kin Studio goes to Japan | Day One

Day 1

After enduring a long 10-hour flight and 5-hour transit, Chi and Nicole finally landed in The Land of The Rising Sun! They settled down in their hotel and grabbed a quick Gyudon at Sukiya to satiate their hunger pangs. Then, they headed off to Akihabara to shop for the best anime merchandise such as figurines, gachapon, and claw machines!

We found a really cute Sasuke plush which looked so cute with our Sasuke Ring! Inspired by the cult series Naruto, we have a ring that pays homage to a fan-favorite character. It boasts a blue sapphire and a moon that represents Sasuke's village origins.

The day was filled with alternating between basking in the Japan sun and going into bright cool-toned game centers, before cosying up at a ramen spot near their hotel to enjoy a big comforting bowl of ramen that looked like it came out of Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo.

S-kin Studio goes to Japan | Day Two

Day 2

After a good night’s rest, we went to Ueno Park and we were so blessed to see that the cherry blossoms were still in full bloom! They looked unreal as they lined down the Meguro River also. Of course, I took some fit check pics wearing our Ray Linen Pants in Sun.

Two of our newest pieces were inspired by Sailor Moon. The Tsukino Heart Necklace was Inspired by the heart moon brooch worn by Usagi from Sailor Moon when she transforms, and the Luna Pearl Earrings were designed to look like floating moon in the sky at night.

For dinner, we had fried rice and umeshu on the rocks. Although Japan boasts the most Michelin-star restaurants in the world, it’s very hard to go wrong with any other food joint in Japan; Everyone there is always perfecting their craft as chefs, which is why food is always so amazing no matter where you eat at!

S-kin Studio goes to Japan | Day Three

Day 3

On this day, we went to the Aviation Museums in Tokorozawa, Saitama. At the Aviation Museums, we discovered a lot about planes. We even did a simulation where we pretended like we jumped in outer space. 

Our Hikouki Ring was inspired by The Wind Rises, a beautiful image of hope in the iconic film. The ring represents the airplanes that offered this hope during war in a dark and struggling Japan. We love the V-shaped ring and how it’s adorned in pave crystals pointing to a brighter future.

For dinner, we had tempura and handmade our own miso paste. Nicole insisted we watch a Japanese TV series that night, and so we did. We watched First Love on Netflix, recommended by Anna. We bawled our eyes out through each episode, but we highly recommend it!

S-kin Studio goes to Japan | Day Four

Day 4

We went around the city shopping for our loved ones! We got some gatchapon for Gia who’s at this point almost decked out the entirety of her monitor, and some gifts for our family back home.

Inspired by YUI in Sword Art Online, the Yui ring is pure. The ring details represent what she’s made of, pixels. Fun fact: This was the first piece that ideated the collection back when Chi watched it in 2012.

For dinner, we waited 2 hours to get some Ichiran ramen. It was totally worth it!

S-kin Studio goes to Japan | Day Five

Day 5

Woke up with Chi dressed as Nezuko around the streets of Harajuku! At first it felt a little awkward wearing it out, but once we got there, Chi felt like she found her own peeps! Our quick lunch was decided by you guys via Instagram stories; between Classic Gyudon and Special Gyudon, you guys chose the latter! It was so so delicious. The beef was marinated and cooked well, and topped with lots of spring unions. 

We had Harajuku Crepes in one hand and hojicha/ matcha latte on the other. We were squealing when we saw the iconic man walking 20 dogs, it was such a moment for us!

We launched our Nezuko Bamboo Earrings inspired by Demon Slayer. A symbol of undying love, just like Nezuko’s love for her brother Tanjiro.

For some reason, we had KBBQ cravings and went for a Korean barbecue grill. IIt was phenomenal because the beef cuts in Japan are amazing.

S-kin Studio goes to Japan | Day Six

Day 6

In the morning, we went to the iconic Tsukiji Market. We bought so many trinkets, and had a lot of food, including daifuku and ice cream with fresh Japanese strawberries. Chi was so obsessed with the strawberries that she bought a big box that consisted of 3 big punnets, and delivered one to Anna at her hotel in Ginza. How sweet of her!

Chi and Nicole then enjoyed their free day where you guys decided for them on where to go for the day. The results were in… and the top two spots were to the Shirohige Cream Puff Factory and Capybara Cafe!

Before they made their way, they stopped at a desert spot at Yodabashi Station for a quick Kinako Mochi. It was so good, and easy to eat as it is served in a cup. Sticky, light yet chewy like a mochi. 

Alas… we were unlucky as the Totoro cream puffs were sold out even after traveling for an hour. Our tip: Get there early before they open to secure your cream puffs. We ended up getting their assorted butter cookies instead, which was still really good. We loved how they came in different cute colours and looked like Totoro.

The Capybara cafe (cue Capybara soundtrack) was interesting… Still not sure if they’re cute or are just questionable giant hamsters.

S-kin Studio goes to Japan | Day Seven

Day 7 

On Easter Day, we braved the rain to Ghibli Park! It is always a wonderful feeling to see your favourite animes in real life. It was heaven and looked like everything from the Ghibli movies I’ve loved. 

Jiji Pendant Necklace is inspired by Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service. Jiji represents home for Kiki. A favourite of my childhood, I hope Jiji gives you a sense of  belonging, with its presence making you feel like home!

The sights in Ghibli Park were stunning. I bought a dozen items for the S-kin team back in our Cremorne HQ, and also a few extras for a giveaway and lucky dip, now running via our Instagram! Simply like and comment on our posts from this week (17th to 23rd April 2023) for a chance to win a bunch of these official Ghibli Park merch!

To end the day, we tried the numerous Nakano Broadway 8-layer ice cream. Here’s what was on the ice cream swirls, starting from the top: Strawberry, coffee, milk, chocolate, matcha, banana, grape, ramune soda. It was impossible to finish, but we did good even for both of us sharing I think! It’s unbelievable to think that anyone could finish this beast.

In the evening, we went to Asakusa for the markets and saw the Sensoji Temple. It was simply beautiful.

S-kin Studio goes to Japan | Day Eight

Day 8

We stayed to explore Nagoya on this day. During our adventures, we found a vintage shop selling Japanese books in vintage luggages, it was so cute. We even saw some Japanese kids, a monkey and some cute wall art reminiscent of kids drawing crayon art.

We sat on a Shinkansen and were so lucky to see Mt Fuji on a bright day. He is majestic as always. Did you know? They say if you see Mount Fuji, it’s good luck?!

Back in Tokyo, we headed to another iconic destination. The Ghibli Museum!

Our Umbrella of Stars Necklace is inspired by Totoro’s big rain umbrella that is a playful symbol of youth. We also launched our Totoro’s Dust Bunnies Earrings, as imagined by the children, illustrated in these climber earrings with a dangling chain attached. Whimsical, just lille its characters, these pieces are made to breathe imagination and child-like lay to your everyday.

We had such a blast posing with Totoro, and sitting in the Catbus made of plush fabric.

After a long-day of traveling back home from Narita Airport, Chi had fomo so she made it to the Anime {アニメ} Collection Launch Event! We had live anime illustrations, a cool anime poster wall made of iconic anime pages, an anime flash tattoo station, and Japanese food! Click here to see what you missed out on during the event.

Take this as your itinerary inspo the next time you’re headed to Japan!


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