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How We've Been Managing Lockdown #6

How We've Been Managing Lockdown #6

A quick update! Things are crazier than ever at S-kin Studio Jewelry! With some of us working from home and others doing the warehouse hustle, everyone has had to find their new groove in lockdown #6. Since we will be moving into our new boutique space in the upcoming weeks, we thought we'd give you a little insight into how we keep the cogs running during these tumultuous times. 

Lockdown Chi

Chi, Creative Director

During lockdown I've been busy cooking up my first baby! Balancing being a soon to be mum and biz life has been hard but it's great knowing that on the other side is some of the most amazing, exciting things to happen in my life. In the office, I've been busy organising our move to a new location, adding new team members, and of course, working on some amazing upcoming launches for S-kin!  

Nicole, Marketing Coordinator

For this lockdown, I have been required to work from home. This has meant a lot more video meetings with the team and the occasional phone call to make sure we are all in the same page when it came to creating our latest campaigns. Due to restrictions, I don't think I will be able to go into the office until early November so I'm extremely keen to how the new office space and retail store will look. I imagine it will be a big positive change and I can't wait to get back into the office and start planning some very exciting upcoming events!

Eloise, Photographer

During these long lockdown months I've been focusing on finding little sparks of positivity every day and enjoying those, whether it's letting myself take extra time to drink my morning coffee out in the beautiful spring sunshine, finding creative ways to approach my shoots and workload or mixing up my routine to keep it feeling new and fresh every day. My favourite shoot recently was a mini styling session with these gorgeous floral dresses and pieces from our new "Enchanted" collection!

Lockdown Steph

Steph, Office & Content Assistant

There's an abundance of things to cover now that I'm more in the groove of how things are run at S-kin. There are definitely more responsibilities which means that there's more urgency! We're definitely under the pump with the move, and there's a lot more going behind the scenes that I'm excited for. Outside of work I've been enjoying me time, and spending lots of time with my family and just happy that I've made lockdown a positive experience for myself.  

Haleena, Retail & Inventory Assistant

In lockdown #6 I've been feeling really grateful to still be able to work a few times a week and see my work girlfriends, since uni is currently online I don't get to see many people! I also tutor outside of S-kin for work so I am grateful to have lots of social interaction there. I miss seeing customers in store though! Outside of work I love walking my dog, exploring new cafes within my 5kms that I otherwise wouldn't have normally, and bike riding in the many trails near me!

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