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How to Open and Close Infinite Hoops

How to Open and Close Infinite Hoops

Infinite hoops are a staple in our Mix & Match Earring Collection! They are super lightweight, comfortable to wear and suitable for day and night time wear. However, they can be a bit tricky to put on and take off, particularly for those with small fingers! I've written the below guide to help with some questions we get asked frequently.

How do I open infinite hoops?

Infinite hoops are a tube wire hoop, and must be opened vertically rather than horizontally to avoid breakage. To open an infinite hoop, find the end of your post by rocking the post back and forth gently with the hoop closed. If you can see movement, then that end is the end you'll use to open your hoop.

To open an infinite hoop, gently pull vertically to dislodge the post from the tube wire. Be careful not to bend or twist the hoop excessively as this may cause breakage.

Once the hoop is open, you are able to add any charms, and open the hoop vertically to fit the post through your piercing.

How do I close infinite hoops?

Just as how we opened them, to close an infinite hoop you will need to lodge the post back into the tube wire to secure them. This will take a few runs of practice, especially if your hoops are small, or your fingers are big. You may need help from a friend, or family member.

To close an infinite hoop, thread the post through your piercing. Using your thumb and index finger, push the hoops closer together to close the gap. Using the same two fingers, guide the hollow end to line up with the post. Using your other hand's fingers, lodge the post onto the hollow end to secure the hoop. Voila!

The videos below will help with demonstrating the above instructions! If you are unable to fit the post into the hollow tube, you may need the help of someone else who can see from behind your ear. 

Tips for success

  • Add charms after you have placed the hoop on your ear. This stops the charms from falling out while you are putting them on your hoop. 
  • Practice opening & closing the hoop off-ear first, to understand and have a feel for where the post and hollow tube are.
  • Use a mirror! A mirror at the back of your ear may help with locating the two ends of your infinite hoop, and help with easier fastening. 
  • Go for a larger sized infinite hoop if you are still having troubles opening and closing them. They are much easier to fasten as there is a lot more space to work with.
  • Ask a friend to help you! Alternatively, a jeweller or someone with small, steady hands will also do - show them this guide and video to help them!

Care warnings for infinite hoops

Infinite hoops are dainty and extra care must be taken when putting them on and off. They are made of hollow wire, and are highly malleable. Under no circumstances should you pull your infinite hoops horizontally, this will cause breakage. 

Avoid bending them with excessive force. They must be handled with extra care when being opened and closed.

As they are a hollow tube, gunk and dirt will enter the hollow ends. Take care of them by cleaning them using our care guide to ensure they last longer.

Any breakage or bending due to poor handling is not covered under our warranty, so make sure you are up for the challenge!

Need more help? Contact us and we will guide the way.

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