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A Day In The Life: Content Photographer, Eloise

A Day In The Life: Content Photographer, Eloise

A typical day for me starts with a 6am rise and I usually spend about 30 minutes in the morning doing some meditation and journaling to set my mind for the day. The next step is crucial (and also happens to be my favourite) - a delicious soy latte! Usually I’ll make one at home with my espresso machine but occasionally I’ll pop into a local café as a treat. I love mixing up my routine and trying new things so today I’ve gone to this beautiful French café around the corner from where I live.

Day In the Life: Eloise

This morning was a little gloomy, so I lit a candle and popped on some jazz music while I went over my calendar and checked the content notes for the week. I never skip this part of the day as I find it crucial to help me make sense of all of my creative thoughts and photoshoot briefs for the week ahead. Preparation is key! I also often have several client meetings early in the morning so I book them in back to back to keep my afternoons free for shooting.

Day in the Life: Eloise

I then prepare for the first content shoot of the day. I love shooting in the sun, so while I wait for the clouds to clear I’ll go through my props and backdrops to choose the perfect pieces to set up my shoot. For today's shoot, I’ve found a sunny spot near the window to set up in. I love using natural light and making use of the way it lights up the beautiful gold tones.

Day in the Life: Eloise

Today I’m shooting a set for the stunning new La Femme Collection which is being released on the 30th of June. I’ve chosen some blush-toned cheesecloth and a piece of travertine to create a really soft, warm mood for these photos. Shooting jewellery takes some time, especially when each piece in a collection has to be angled just right to catch the sun and look its best. It’s a fun process!

Day in the Life: Eloise

I usually pop on my runners and go for a walk in the late morning to get some sun and fresh air. I love this little river near my house - it looks so pretty at this time of year. When I get back I’ll get stuck into editing. I don’t rush this process either - each photo has to look perfect! I usually adjust the exposure and colour temperature, and then go through and remove any tiny marks or dust around the jewellery. While I’m editing I often put on a podcast or one of my favourite playlists. I’m really into French music at the moment and it always lifts my mood! 

Day in the Life: Eloise

Since most of my work is done from home, I enjoy filling my evenings with things I love - whether that be a Pilates class, catching up with friends over dinner or going to a concert or Melbourne-based event. It’s really important to me to find a healthy work/life balance - it always refreshes and recharges me so I can be the best version of myself.

I hope you enjoyed coming along on a day with me and catching a little glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of a content photographer!

Much love, Eloise x

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