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FAQs - 14K Solid Gold

Why have you chosen to use 14K Solid Gold for the Piercings Collection?

14K solid gold is the perfect material for our Piercings Collection as it is safe for fresh piercings but also sturdy enough to last the test of time. Typically, fresh piercings use surgical stainless steel earrings but we wanted to create a piercing safe earring that is not only made with a high quality material but is also cute! We've all experienced getting a new piercing and wanting to switch out the studs to something more stylish but couldn't because of the healing period. Now you have the option of our Piercings Collection for something that is fresh piercing friendly and gorgeous!

Why is Solid Gold so expensive?

Solid gold is a scarce and difficult material to source and extract, unlike many other materials and metals, solid gold does not readily oxidise and is extremely durable over time. The higher the karatage the purer the gold and the more expensive it will be. 

Is 14k Solid Gold safe for fresh piercings?

14k solid gold is appropriate for fresh piercings as it has 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloying metal. This means it is still durable enough to hold its shape in your ear once pierced but it is also pure enough of a material to make it sensitive friendly and tarnish resistant. 

What does 14k Solid Gold actually mean?

Pure gold is 24 karat, this means that 14 karat gold contained 14 parts gold (58.5%) and 10 parts alloying metal. We have chosen to use 14k solid gold as it is a high purity of gold which makes it durable and sensitive friendly but with enough alloy to ensure it is still sturdy and not too soft. The higher the karatage, the softer the metal & more prone to bending & scratching. 

How do I know I received a 14K Solid Gold earring?

Each 14k solid gold earring will have '585' stamped on the product - a standard stamping for 14k solid gold across the industry. Our 18K Gold Filled earrings will, in contrast, be stamped with the 18K GF marking. 

How long does 14K Solid Gold last?

With care, 14k solid gold can last forever. Gold is one of the most long-lasting materials available for fine jewelry. Even if you have an active lifestyle, solid gold can withstand most elements and still retain the warmth and colour that we all know and love. 

How do I care for 14K Solid Gold?

We recommend polishing your gold with a jewelry polish cloth regularly to retain its colour and shine. If you are wearing your 14k sold gold earrings everyday and you want to give them a deep cleanse, we would recommend you soak your gold earrings in a bowl of water with a bit of mild dish detergent. Once it has soaked for a couple of minutes give a quick scrub before rinsing it thoroughly. Then dry it well with a clean dry cloth. 

Why can't I pierce with gold-filled jewelry?

Gold-filled is not suitable for initial piercings as your skin is ultra sensitive when freshly pierced, and mixed metals in gold-filled jewellery can irritate and slow down the recovery of your piercing. We can only recommend 14k Solid Gold for your initial piercing.

What do I do if I have an issue with my piercing?

Caring for your piercing is very important - to avoid issues from occurring to your piercing please follow the care guide and/or instructions provided to you at the time of your piercing by your piercing professional. In case of infection or if you have any concerns, please consult your doctor. If you have an issue with a manufacturing fault of your earring, please reach out to us via live chat or contact us here.

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