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What does your Chinese Zodiac mean?

Find out what your Lunar Zodiac animal and element is below.
Find your sign:

Chinese Zodiac Sign:


Lunar New Year is all about manifesting and leaning in to what the elements & signs say about you.
Just like reading fortunes for the new year, find the meaning of your Chinese zodiac sign and what 2022 has in store for you! 

The Rat represents hard work and thriftiness in the Chinese Zodiac. Men born in a Rat year are known to be hands-on with work, while women are known to be quick-witted and fast learners. Rat traits: Resourceful, versatile, kind

Lucky number: 2, 3, and any numbers containing the (e.g., 23 and 32)
Lucky flower: Lily and African Violet

2022 will be a calm year for the Year of the Rats, although effort is needed if they want to progress and grow. This year can be considered as a preparation period, so lay a solid foundation and prepare to reap success in the next year!

What does your element mean?

In the Chinese Zodiac, your sign possess an element - based on the Wu Xing, known as the Five Elements Theory. The five elements are regarded as the foundation of everything in the universe, and are dependent on each other for the yin and yang of life.

The Five Elements theory is used in a lot of today's applications. It's tradition to add the element into Chinese birth name or certificate, and in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the five elements are referred to harmoniously to treat specific internal organs. It's also used to determine your compatibility with potential romantic partners!

Find your Wu Xing Element below:

Metal: Birth year ending in 0, 1
Water: Birth year ending in 2, 3
Wood: Birth year ending in 4, 5
Fire: Birth year ending in 6, 7
Earth: Birth year ending in 8, 9

Your spirit animal: Rat, Pig
Your colour: Black

Your element represents tranquillity and empathy. People born during a water year are sensitive and introverted. Water types love their own company and are happy to spend their whole day cozied up inside.

Join us in Lunar, our upcoming collection celebrating culture & heritage in the modern world. Join us in the special celebration of Lunar New Year & embrace the beautiful traditions that surrounds us in our daily lives. Don't celebrate Lunar New Year? What better time it is to celebrate friends around you who do participate! 

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