First Year Anniversary

Our Anniversary Collection was designed from my heart, with inspiration from the every day things I experience and love. I want to be able to bring these wonderful stories about my personal life, and open S-kin Studio Jewelry to you, and for you to be part of our story.

View our full Anniversary Collection here.

A few words of thanks

S-kin Studio Jewelry started when a frustrated 21 year old did not know what she would do when life didn't go according to plan.

She was filled with hopes and dreams to make, create, and bring something to the world of her own.

A year later, still filled with so much energy, ambition, and creative energy, I am here thanks to all of you.

Our business has grown in the first year, with our first ever ethical collection released in October, and our second releasing just on the one year mark.

I have made countless of pieces of jewellery, packed hundreds of orders with my own hands, and written just as many thank you love notes to all of our customers.

It is my pleasure that I am able to be here because of you, so thank you for Aussie small business—thank you for supporting S-kin Studio Jewelry.