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Why Is Solid Gold So Expensive And Should I Invest In Solid Gold Jewelry?

Why Is Solid Gold So Expensive And Should I Invest In Solid Gold Jewelry?

As far back as 4000 BC people have been using solid gold to create jewelry. It is said that gold was most likely first discovered in water streams and rivers where its gorgeous glint caught the attention of curious eyes. Aside from its natural beauty, gold has actually proven to be one of the world's most useful and versatile metals. Over the centuries, gold has been used to create art, items of worship, currency and even technology. It continues to be viewed as a symbol of wealth and many people still invest in gold as it is a valuable commodity. 

Despite its interesting and long history, you might be wondering why solid gold is so expensive and whether it is worth investing in solid gold jewelry? There are many reasons why gold maintains such a high price tag and here is why.

Why Invest in Solid Gold

1. Gold is a natural phenomenon

Created by nature, the precious metal can only be found underground. At this moment in time, gold cannot be man-made at a feasible cost and therefore must be sourced from various locations around the world. If you have visited Australia before or are a fellow Aussie, you may recall learning about the great Australian goldrush and maybe even doing a bit of gold panning yourself at Sovereign Hill in Victoria.

The discovery and impact of gold in Australia is a huge contributor to our history and one of the many reasons why we are such a diverse country. Having learnt of the value of gold, people flocked to numerous places around the world to try their luck at attaining wealth through the discovery of gold. Nowadays, due to its rarity, the cost and time it takes to retrieve gold from the earth greatly contributes to its price tag. 

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2. Gold is tarnish resistant and does not oxidize

Due to its unique composition, solid gold does not react to oxygen and therefore will never tarnish, rust or oxidize. Because it will not simply disintegrate over time, once in your possession, you can be confident that it will be wearable for many years to come. Its ability to withstand the test of time also contributes to the value and worth of solid gold. 

Gold is also the least reactive out of all metals which means you can happily wear your solid gold jewelry day in and day out. To maintain that glowy golden shine over time, like other pure metals, you will need to occasionally polish and clean your gold pieces. We recommend either using a polish cloth or gently soaking the pieces in warm water with a bit of detergent, then scrubbing it very gently with an exceptionally soft brush before drying it off completely with a clean cloth.

Piercing Collection in 14K Solid Gold

3. Gold is extremely versatile

As pure gold is quite malleable it can always be melted down and repurposed into practically anything. Not only can gold be used for gorgeous jewelry and art, it can also be used in dentistry, electronics and various machinery. Gold is a good conductor of electricity and can also be easily formed into whatever shape you desire without breaking.

If you have ever had the chance to hold 24K solid gold, you will know that it is strangely quite soft and easy bent. Despite its softness, pure gold is extremely durable and if maintained well, can last many centuries in perfect condition.  

Why is Solid Gold so expensive?

4. Gold will always maintain value

Throughout its history, gold has always maintained some form of value. Gold is recognised globally as a precious metal and like any good investment has increased in value over time. It is ultimately a luxury investment that is also highly liquid and avoids inflation. Whether you own a piece of solid gold jewelry from your great ancestors or you are looking to invest in some new solid gold jewelry, the value of the gold will not diminish. 

Piercing Collection 14K Solid Gold

Today, it is believed that up to 80% of the newly mined and recycled gold is used for jewelry manufacturing. Solid gold is not only an incredibly beautiful precious metal, but it has also significantly contributed to the history of the world. We chose to incorporate 14K solid gold into our Piercings Collection as a way for you to keep at part of S-kin Studio with you forever!

14K solid gold is suitable for the most sensitive of skin types and can also be used to pierce your ears. We made sure to source and produce our gold ethically and sustainably so that you can be conscious and confident that your jewelry is positively contributing to our industry. These unique piercing pieces will hopefully be passed on as part of your heirlooms for many generations to come.

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