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How we make our Infinite Welded Bracelet Collection

How we make our Infinite Welded Bracelet Collection

Infinite Welded Bracelets is our version of the grown-up friendship bracelet or jewellery tattoo, meant to be forever pieces that cannot be taken off. They are clasp-less, available in both 14K Yellow and White Solid Gold, custom in length to fit your wrist, and welded together to create everlasting bracelets. Only available in our Cremorne Showroom, our Infinite Welded Bracelets are perfect to commemorate special moments, relationships and milestones.



Our Infinite Welded Bracelets are created by attaching a small solid gold jump ring at the ends of either one of our five solid gold chains together, and welding the jump ring to secure. 



What bracelets options do we have?

Currently, you can pick from five different chains ranging from a fine and dainty chain  to a more bold everyday style. We also have a range of charms that you can customise your bracelets with! Bracelets range from $145 AUD to $320 AUD, with our charms starting from $85 AUD.


How long do welded Infinite Bracelets last for?

The lifespan of your Infinite Bracelets ideally will last forever. It will also depend on your lifestyle and other external factors. Our high quality 14K Solid Gold pieces are designed to be worn every day due to its durable nature. Tarnish will be minimal if taken care of properly. 

Is it safe to travel with Infinite Bracelets?

Surprise, it absolutely is! You can wear your bracelets through security checks in airports and don’t have to take them off.

Can I shower or swim in them?

All of our Infinite Bracelets are made of 14K Solid Gold, so you can wear them in the shower, in the ocean, and to the gym!

Is there an age requirement to get welded bracelets?

You'll need to be over 16 to get a welded bracelet at S-kin Studio.

What do I do if my bracelet breaks or stretches?

We offer a 2 week free of charge repair warranty for all Infinite Bracelets from the time it is welded onto your wrist. This rule only applies if you are still in possession of the chain. If the chain is lost and cannot be retrieved, we are unable to replace the chain for you. It is normal for the bracelet to slightly stretch, so we suggest having your Infinite bracelets fitted close to you before they are welded on permanently!

How can I repair/ alter my bracelet?

If you already have a S-kin Studio 14K Infinite Welded Bracelet and would like to add a charm, have it adjusted, or fixed, you can book a repair appointment for $40 AUD. Repairs can only occur if you are still in the possession of the chain. Please read the rest of our T&C’s here

How long will it take to get welded bracelets?

Please allow up to 20 minutes for your appointment, and arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment to ensure all your queries are answered before we start welding your Infinite Bracelets onto you.

Can I get an anklet or necklace welded?

Our welding experience and fees are currently for bracelets only. If you are after a permanent anklet or necklace, you will have to contact us prior to making your booking via

Do you accept walk-ins?

Infinite Welded Bracelet bookings are prioritised, but walk-ins are welcomed! We highly recommend bookings for our Infinite Welded Bracelets to secure your time slot.

What if I am unable to wear permanent jewellery anymore?

If you do need to take it off for one reason or another, simply cut the bracelet off with a pair of sharp scissors at the jump ring (that connects the ends of the chain together), and keep them safe. This way, we can re-weld it for you in the future for a fee of $40. Schedule for your next appointment to get them rewelded. 

Please reach out to or on Live chat and we'll sort you out!

If you would like clasp options, check out our clasped Infinite bracelets and other bracelet designs we carry.

Can I return my welded bracelet?

As these are custom-made to your order, we unfortunately cannot accept any returns or refunds.

Can I book a Private Infinite Bracelets Party?

Yes, of course! Ain’t no party like an Infinite Bracelets party! These are great for birthdays, hens parties, graduations, work events, girls night, and more! Bookings require a minimum of 6 people. Contact us today by emailing

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