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Here at By S-kin, we are committed to producing sustainable garments that can last for many seasons of your life. Inspired by the breathtaking tranquility of Australian beaches, our designs exude beachy loungewear and comfortable silhouettes.

Our passion for sustainability is reflected not only in the choice of our materials but also in our entire business operations. We draw inspiration from the natural surroundings and the laid-back lifestyle of the beach, and we strive to ensure that our small-batch creations look and feel good on you.

Designed with love in Melbourne, Australia for the dreamers, lovers, and artists. Your garments are created by S-kin Studio and made ethically in China with the highest ethical standards.


We are proud to say that we partner with suppliers that are Sedex certified to ensure that our products are made in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious manner.

100% Japanese Linen

Made with fibres of flax plant, 100% Japanese Linen is one of the finest linens, feels cool to the touch, and is smooth and lint-free.

We use 100% Japanese Linen in all of our clothing pieces.

100% Rayon

Made from purified celullose fibers, 100% Rayon is similar to cottton but feels soft like silk, breathable and comfortable to wear.

We use 100% Rayon on all of the lining of our clothing pieces.

100% Cotton

Made from natural fiber and non-woven technology, pure 100% Cotton is highly breathable and absorbent as a garment material.

We use 100% Cotton on all of our lifestyle products, such as our bucket hats.


Wash at or below 30°C

A 30°C wash is generally very effective and uses less energy while treating clothes to a gentler cycle. It can save up to 60% energy. 

Do not bleach

Please do not attempt to use any type of bleach on garment pieces as it can damage or destroy the fabric.

Iron low temperature

Ironing with low temperature can reduce shrinkage and prevent scorching your garments, as well as saving energy (aka carbon footprint).

Line dry

Hang your garments on a clotheslines indoors or outdors to dry. This will extend the life of your garments for many years to come.


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